IP Forecaster
Make better-informed budgeting decisions

IP Forecaster: Helping you create smarter budgets and strategies

Intellectual property costs are complex and constantly changing, and maximising the value of your IP requires efficiency and accuracy in budget forecasting.

That’s why we’ve created IP Forecaster, a secure and easy-to-use online tool that streamlines your entire budgeting process for patents, registered designs and trademarks. Using live market rates and powerful scenario modelling, IP Forecaster delivers fast, accurate and automated budgets.

A CPA Global customer was able to reduce the 20% variance between projected and final budget IP Management spend with IP Forecaster. We stream live data from key internal and external sources creating forecasts that are automatically tailored to incorporate local currency, legal and prosecution charges. IP Forecaster brings you best in class accuracy for your budgeting process.

IP Forecaster helps you:

  • Accurately and quickly predict costs throughout the IP lifecycle and across all jurisdictions
  • Improve your decision-making
  • Intelligently control IP expenditures and drive strategic decisions through analysis and modelling
  • Save time collecting and validating PTO charges and average global rates through direct access to live market rates
  • Integrate quickly and easily with your IPMS by way of an XML, XLS or CSV data file exchange, including all CPA Global IPMS

Improved decision-making


Support your strategic decision-making with comprehensive portfolio filing and maintenance forecast tools



Our worldwide network of IP experts ensure you make accurate and informed filing and portfolio management decisions

Better rates


Transparency on average market rates, costs and PTO fees helps you negotiate better rates


Report Generation Options


Produce reports by filing strategy, fiscal year, portfolio structure, product category, what-if scenarios, page/claims numbers or currency format.

All IP Types


Support for all your patents, registered designs and trademarks by providing a single budget forecasting solution that covers all aspects of IP.

Configuration Options


Breakdown by jurisdiction and filing behaviour, by IP lifecycle and fiscal year or by patent and business unit. Save and combine quotes, easily regenerate quotes on fresh input and export to Excel/Word/PDF.

More Than 50 Standard Reports


They include annual budget reports, quarterly budget reports, renewal reports, advance scenario building, patent reports per family, summary overview, PCT national filing/ quotation and custom reports (fully definable).



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