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Your patent searches should be customised to meet your exact legal and technical requirements, should be delivered within your desired timeframe, and should leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of information that helps you make better IP decisions.

Our Freedom to Operate search service gives you the intelligence you need to decide on your next steps when you want to make, use or sell a new product, regardless of where you are in the product lifecycle:

  • Early stages – Avoid infringement by modifying your invention to “design around”existing patents during the R&D process
  • Late stages – Protect your market entry plans by defining last minute design changes or pursuing a license prior to product rollout

We understand the unique nature of freedom to operate searches, and we don’t treat them like patentability searches. We’ll work with you to understand the key inventive features of the product that should receive emphasis during the search and to agree on a hierarchy of importance for the types of claims that you believe to be most obstructive.

We understand the relationship between claim breadth and product features and how infringement occurs in practice. When performing a search, we’ll look at broad claims that may encompass the key inventive features of your product, even if they aren’t specifically included. We’ll also identify any claim variations that could prove an obstacle to your go-to-market plans.

We leverage our global offices and our native language searching capabilities to conduct truly global freedom to operate searches. As requested, we include naturally expired patent documents that can lead to “safe harbour” references that might be used to challenge the validity of possibly threatening patent claims. We can also work with you on an invalidity search to try to clear the way for your product.


Technical expertise


With a team of 250+ in-house, full-time search professionals, we ensure your search has the right expertise backing it up. Learn more



Proven methodologies based upon decades of experience in formulating search strategies.

Worldwide scope


Our search capability covers every major jurisdiction worldwide.



Clear, straightforward pricing and free, no-obligation quotes.




We put our highly skilled and internally trained team of more than 250 experienced patent analysts at your service. This includes attorneys, patent agents, and former patent examiners, as well as former practising engineers and scientists.



We combine the art and science of searching to maximise value for clients, based on decades of experience in formulating search strategies. By creatively harnessing the power of multiple search engines, databases and libraries we can deliver tailored results that meet your requirements.



We provide results in the format of your choice, from full reports to matrices. Every deliverable is designed to speed up the review process, enabling you to make quick and accurate decisions based on high-quality information. We also include legal status information, using whatever approach is most meaningful to you.



Our specialist search managers provide consultative, responsive and high-touch services. We collaborate with you locally while coordinating your project globally from the top patenting jurisdictions worldwide.



Our analyst team includes native speakers in multiple languages, including five major languages across all technologies. This allows us to perform native language searching, both online and on the ground.



Our Reference Desk provides access to extensive resources for patent and non-patent literature. If the documents exist, our librarians and technical literature experts will find them.

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