Transforming Ideas into Valuable IP

Capture more ideas from your researchers and inventors

IdeaScout™, a product from the Innography suite, is a unique ideas and innovation management software solution that brings inventors and the IP team closer together.

With IdeaScout™, it’s very easy for inventors to submit, refine, and collaborate on ideas that are accessible to the IP team within the same platform. With a full idea pipeline, IP managers can efficiently review and manage ideas and trade secrets within the platform to determine which invention disclosures to prioritise and quickly find redundancies before spending time and money on prosecution. The result is capturing more ideas sooner and getting them in market faster to drive value for your organisation.

With IdeaScout, you can:

  • Execute your business strategy, gain market position and beat the competition to market
  • Capture ideas 12-18 months earlier than waiting for inventors to submit invention disclosure documents
  • Streamline the process from idea to invention disclosure
  • More efficiently review ideas and trade secrets, decreasing wasted time and IP spend
  • Enhance collaboration across your global inventor community


A better approach


An easy, streamlined process to both submit and review ideas and trade secrets

Save time and money


Get your ideas to market sooner and avoid redundancies in your prosecution pipeline

Engage your innovation teams


Motivate, enable and engage your team of inventors with a genuinely inventor-centric feature set and experience


Intelligent Agent Review


Inventors get immediate feedback on ideas via an intelligent agent, so they’re no longer waiting on a response from the IP team on how to move forward. This also frees up your IP team to focus on other things until the idea has been refined and ensures the quality is higher once submitted to IP for review.

Pre-Populated IP Database


Give inventors ONLY the information necessary to refine their ideas without exposing them (or your company) to any risk of willful infringement.

Disclosure Document


Revised ideas are easily exported to provide the information required to prepare an invention disclosure, configured to meet the needs of your invention management process or IP management system.

Actionable Inventor Workflow

Inventors revise and evolve their ideas without leaving the platform, sending the IP team higher quality ideas and more context.

Flexible Administrator Controls


The platform is highly customisable so that administrators can configure aspects to align with current policies and processes.

Secure Platform


Based on the secure email, intelligent agent, and enforced security policies, the platform protects your internal information to the highest degree.


Watch the video and find out how IdeaScout™ empowers your inventors and helps you get ideas in market quicker.