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CPA Global 2016 Annual Review now available online

CEO Simon Webster outlines our company’s plan to lead in the Intellectual Property technology and management sector, and to grow sustainably for the long term in the CPA Global 2016 Annual Review. In addition to the CEO update, the review spotlights three key areas where CPA Global is leading the industry forward:

  • Central to our strategy is our development of The IP Platform, a fully-integrated technology, data and services SaaS solution, available through a single sign-on environment, which provides our customers with best-in-class solutions across the innovation lifecycle.
  • Building on our leading position in China, we intend to invest further in that market in order to capture the rapid growth in patent applications as Chinese corporates expand internationally.
  • The Law Firm market globally also represents huge potential for CPA Global. Given our law firm heritage, it is a segment we know better than any of our competitors and one in which we enjoy a significant advantage.

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Protecting automotive innovation

November 9-11 2016

Matthew Luby from CPA Global explores the subject of automotive innovation and considers the importance of establishing intellectual property when developing new technologies

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What is the future of IP Management?

September 28 2016Simon

Historically, IP management was labour intensive and required considerable manual focus and attention of IP professionals. However, with the recent explosion in IP data and changes to patent systems and laws, IP professionals are being forced to adapt– what does this mean for the future of IP management?

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Exploring automotive innovation: is technology in the driver’s seat?

September 20 2016

As the automotive industry accelerates the development of autonomous technology, Matthew Luby, Director of Analytics, Asia at CPA Global has given us an insight into where it all began and where it could go.

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Improving Patent Analysis with Big Data

TyronSeptember 09 2016

By Tyron Stading, senior vice president IP analytics and information solutions at CPA Global

Insight gained from big data analytics is driving business strategy in a range of global industries – from professional sports to the stock market. The internet has globalised every company and the IP landscape is becoming increasingly competitive.

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It is rocket science: how manned spaceflight is the new frontier of innovation

CPA Global Innovation Intelligence Services launches an in-depth patent analysis on manned spaceflight innovation

Analysis of patent information in the manned spaceflight industry has revealed the speed of innovation growth in the area of rocket science. Nations with active manned space programs – the United States, China and Russia – represent three-fifths of all patent protection with a worldwide total of more than 4,300 patented space innovations filed since 1960.

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Let the games begin: Rio and the IP minefield

August 17 2016

Ian Johnson of CPA Global considers some of the issues surrounding intellectual property and patents at this year’s Olympic Games.

Last week’s opening ceremony in Brazil’s Maracanã Stadium kick-started 17 days of the Olympiad. Since winning the Olympic bid in 2009, Rio de Janeiro has invested in new stadiums, sporting venues, and new transport links to help make South America’s first Games a success. The Olympic organisers expected significant media focus, but were they prepared for issues surrounding intellectual property (IP) and what this would mean for sponsors and the Olympic brand?

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World Intellectual Property Review
In the Spotlight: Creating big value from big data

August 02 2016

New technologies enabling predictive analysis of big data provide IP professionals with a platform for better decision-making and vastly improved efficiencies. Tyron Stading, president and founder of Innography, a CPA Global company, spoke to WIPR.

Next Generation IP can be used to drive better business decisions by properly measuring intellectual property and intangible assets, WIPR reports.

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Outsell Insights: Patent Analytics Solutions That Help Inventors Invent

June 10 2016

Learn how inventors will soon be able to incorporate patent information solutions earlier in the IP Lifecycle, eliminating the need to “go back to the drawing board” after months of effort.

Outsell Analyst, Hugh Logue, discusses two solutions efforts currently being tested in the market place whose main goal is to corral good ideas which are unique and viable in the landscape, helping inventors do what they do best – invent! This paper covers:

  • Why the incorporation of patent information solutions in the ideation (concept) phase is growing
  • How two solutions systems currently being beta-tested, provided by Aulivia (Aulive) and IdeaScout (Innography) aim to meet this need
  • Implications of providing ROI at earlier stages of the patent process and lifecycle

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Maximising the value of trademarks

May 11 2016

Jayne Durden and Jon-James Kirtland, CPA Global, investigate the digitisation of trademarks, and discuss the most effective way of delivering a trademark strategy that works.

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Media Statement

April 26 2016

CPA Global is pleased to announce that we will be uniting under one global brand from the 26th April 2016, World IP Day. This will bring together all of our customer offerings in software, services, information and people, across the entire breadth of the intellectual property lifecycle. Our acquired brands of Landon IP and Patrafee will become part of the CPA Global identity. Innography, our latest acquisition and the leading innovators in IP information provision, will retain its name but will be aligning its look and feel to the new brand.

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