Patent search and analysis
made easy with a secure
and powerful tool

Innography Explorer

Innography Explorer is an easy-to-use patent search and analysis tool that enables you to quickly conduct and share patent research and competitive analysis.

It offers both powerful semantic search and guided workflows: ideal for developing new product ideas, examining white space, exploring freedom to operate, identifying collaborators and preparing invention disclosures.

Explorer empowers everyone on your team to conduct the research they need and develop an in-depth understanding of the IP environment, without the need for extensive training in complex keyword search techniques.

As with all Innography solutions, Innography Explorer leverages the highest quality, improved IP ONE Data.

With Innography Explorer You Can…

Conduct Prior art searches


Quickly discover if any prior art exists before developing your ideas



Locate the white space where new ideas can flourish



Identify strategic alliances to get your ideas to market