Patent Market Tracker®

Patent transaction data is a gold mine with the ability to uncover trends and competitor activity. But it is also hard to come by. Patent sales is just a portion, as the majority of reassignment data is comprised of securitizations, intra-company transfers, mergers, name changes and inventor-to-company reassignments.

Patent Market Tracker (PMT) uncovers who is actually buying and selling US patents. Using Innography’s unique data improvement efforts around company normalisations and hierarchies, the PMT is designed to categorise conveyance types and remove false-positives — offering the only true, comprehensive insight into patent transactions.

You can access this insight via either a data or analysis service:

PMT Data Service


Get monthly data updates you can slice and dice to conduct your own analysis. Every month you get an export of the data showing buyers and sellers, volume and frequency of purchases by technologies. The export can be delivered via MS Excel spreadsheet, Tableau Reader or as a Project folder for users of Advanced Analysis.

PMT Analysis Service


Allow our experts to conduct the analysis for you and deliver monthly or quarterly reports on up to five technologies or 20 companies. The reports include MS Excel spreadsheets and key graphs of targeted data for your team to review and identify additional trends.