Bringing your internal
information and public
patent data together

from Innography


Gone are the days of exporting public data from one platform, exporting internal information relevant to your IP portfolio from multiple systems across the company, using a third tool to combine the results, and THEN spending hours getting everything to align and stakeholders to agree.

Innography’s PortfolioIQ, a feature of Advanced Analysis, makes it easy for IP professionals to view their company’s internal knowledge of their IP portfolio from their IP management systems, docketing, spreadsheets, financial systems, etc., alongside public patent data to conduct comprehensive analyses. With one complete picture, you can efficiently answer more sophisticated IP questions to make informed business decisions.

Why PortfolioIQ ™ is transformational

Decision Making


Using IP data, PortfolioIQ helps to ensure that all IP professionals have comprehensive information they can trust to make the best business decisions, while decreasing wasted time, cost and unnecessary risk.



PortfolioIQ fields are customisable so users can capture only the internal information necessary and organise it specific to their business needs. IP professionals will save time from manual cleansing of the relevant data and get everyone on the same page to effectively communicate important information regarding your IP portfolio.

in Analysis


Ensure all records are accurately matched using Innography’s proprietary import process that alerts you of any discrepancies or errors in the data. With this bulk import service, up to 90% of documents are matched and verified as compared to only 35% without. Have greater confidence in your analysis and be up and running in no time.