Streamline your invention process

The INVENTION App: Powerful invention workflow management and decisions

If you have hundreds or thousands of inventors around the world, you’ll also have thousands of inventions that need to be appropriately considered, filed and managed.

Our new INVENTION software allows you to flexibly manage this workflow easily and without the need for more staff. Your inventors can log into the system and are asked relevant questions about their idea in their own language. They fill out the form and it’s submitted into a sign-off process that is entirely managed by the system, with full support for the development of invention disclosures.

Setting up your invention workflow has never been easier, INVENTION is built on our powerful workflow management and decision support toolkit that will revolutionise the way you manage your IP processes.

INVENTION streamlines the workflow and helps you turn an initial invention into a patent application. Managers and administrators can simply sign in and will always view the right version at the right time.



Work with greater oversight and confidence. You have total control over how any invention is presented and who sees it.



Configure your innovation workflow the way you want it, so it matches your business processes.



Software that’s tailored to the R&D processes and languages of different countries.



We offer the most comprehensive solution available, to make your life as easy as possible. We take on the whole renewals process, even paying your renewals fees and charging them back in easily manageable single payments in any currency.