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June, 2017

When it comes to making patent portfolio decisions, it's important to be strategic.

But with so many strategic decisions to consider throughout the innovation lifecycle, where should you start? In this free webinar, Gene Quinn of IPWatchdog.com, and a panel of experts dig into this important topic.

In this webinar, discover:

  • Why changes to patent law have made patents much easier to successfully challenge at the Patent Office and in federal court. And why these changes have made it necessary to file faster, but better and more detailed patent applications that can survive better.

  • Questions about the continued viability and value of legacy patents issued under different legal rules, which together with budget restraints must be factored into consideration when making decisions on which patents to continue to maintain.

  • Why some innovations are no longer worth patenting in the U.S., or if patents are sought, applicants might want to consider waiving publication if they are not going to seek foreign rights.

  • Patent Quality vs. Quantity: Are fewer, higher quality patents strategically preferable?