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July, 2017

CPA Global Whitepaper - Future of IP Management Technology

Where next for IP management technology?

The IP sector is changing rapidly. Once considered a back-office function used for defensive purposes, many now see it as a core contributor to business strategy, with the potential to add billions to balance sheets.

With this new focus has come the expectation that law firms supporting their clients must develop a deeper understanding of their clients and their business strategies and be more proactive in supporting the development of robust IP strategies often against a backdrop of tighter budgets and resources.

B2B International, an independent research firm in partnership with CPA Global, reveals the current landscape of IP management technology, market expectations and technology’s potential for making IP management more straightforward, cost-effective and rewarding.

In this white paper, discover:
  • How technology has kept pace with these changes
  • How IP lawyers, administrators and other IP professionals harness new technologies to better respond to the challenges they face