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October, 2018

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In today’s high-energy and fast-paced environment, IP departments must constantly change and adapt to keep pace in today’s evolving IP industry and culture.

IP law firms now find themselves serving clients who increasingly demand faster, easier, more digestible data to influence their decisions or corporations looking to use intellectual property. Corporations, meanwhile, need their intellectual property to create revenue streams, establish their industry positions and defend their businesses.

Faced with so many challenges and changes, IP departments and firms must look inward and ensure that they not only have the right people in the right roles, but that those people have access to the technologies they need to increase efficiencies, reduce risk, promote collaboration and secure the best possible outcomes.

This report offers detailed insights about the modern demands and challenges faced by IP professionals in both the law firm and corporate spheres today. In it, we also analyze the evolution of new IP technologies and their effects on the entire IP industry.

In this paper, you’ll learn about:


  • How IP technology has evolved
  • The necessity and challenges of integrating IP technology tools
  • How software developers are working to simplify integration
  • How CPA Global’s innovative software and services can help your IP team rise to the challenges of today’s IP culture.