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Brand with confident search and  seamless renewal services 


10:30 AM IST  |  13:00 HKT  |  15:00 AEST

Manage your trademark portfolio with the right protection and supports from the professional search & renewal experts. You will then able to secure your trademarks and even receive analytical data so you can make educated business decisions.


Searching existing trademark is a necessary step before filing, to find out if identical or similar marks already exist, or are still pending, in your target markets. If your trademark infringes on another person’s IP rights or does not comply with local laws, you may not be able to register it successfully. It is necessary to check the risks before making your decision. Only a small number of PTO websites are available online and they don't offer true similarity searches and aren't really adapted to trademark professionals. There's a high risk of missing important records.

Maintaining your trademark portfolio can be cumbersome and time consuming. You have to constantly manage renewal formalities (with many requiring further authentication) according to different deadlines. If your trademark portfolio coverage is in multiple jurisdictions, you will also need to keep abreast of ever-changing renewals laws as well as manage an agent across different locations. This leads to an opportunity cost for your firm since your time could be better spent on more value-add activity.


Let us act as an extension of your team so that you can focus on higher value activity.

Our team using a global trademark database, with over 191 registers coverage and over 120 million trademarks, be able to deliver rapid search service with reasonable cost. With our expert global search function and the multiple languages we support, you can arm yourself with the right information from the right databases to clear and protect your brands and help you make cost-saving decisions.

We have over 40 year’s experience in managing trademark renewals and our global team of experienced trademark professionals manage over 1million trademark cases. Our trademark renewals service takes away the administrative burden of having to manage multiple formalities and deadlines across over 230 jurisdictions. We can also tailor our service to ensure that we appoint a local agent network to manage trademark renewals in a way that fits the strategic needs of your firm.

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James Lacey Bio Photo

Mr. James Lacey|Director of Japan, CPA Global

James Lacey joined CPA Global in 2004, and has 15 years’ experience in our core services having previously held the position of running our global renewals operation. He has a deep understanding of CPA Global’s core services and has worked with many of our Top 100 clients across the three territories of North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

James has recently re-located to Hong Kong where his focus is to ensure that, through our strategic partner, CPA Global can offer IP Management solutions that meet the emerging and evolving needs of the Japanese IP Market. He is also working closely with our global product development team to deliver enhanced IP management solutions to our customers based in Asia Pacific.

James is British by birth and prior to joining CPA Global obtained an upper second class honors degree in Business & Finance at the University of Plymouth.


Tina Bio

Ms. Tina ChenCPA Global, Trademark  Specialist

Tina isexperienced in global IP filing and prosecution management.  Before joining CPA Global, I have 12 years of experience with IP law firms in Taiwan, in global IP management, including Trademark searching, filing and post filing assistance with in accordance with local official rules and regulations.  Since joining CPA Global in 2019, I work closely with Trademark search team, help to customize search strategies, conduct different kinds of searches, screen and deliver optimal search reports.  I am also responsible for our trademark search database product, provide product knowledge to sales team and let our new prospects understand our product better, communicate with database users and data team to improve data quality and function tool of database.