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Innography: High Quality Data

Robust, High quality IP data for Patent Analytics.

Multimillion dollar decisions are never without risk but basing them off of problematic data is simply reckless. Using “good enough” intellectual property data to make decisions can be dangerous. Often, time is wasted correcting raw data from global patent offices or your critical decisions are made on data that is rife with spelling errors, doesn’t reflect patent reassignments, and doesn’t account for M&A activities.

With Innography, you start with a robust IP dataset that our clients call the 'closest to reality,' so you can spend your time on valuable analyses and making decisions for your business rather than fixing incorrect data.

BENEFITS OF Innography data

    Tens of millions of data elements are automatically corrected, such as company name misspellings and data in the wrong fields. This saves hours of time, allowing you to jump straight to the analysis.

    Innography recognises company hierarchy when company subsidiaries own patents. Normalising company names has made it easy to see a company’s entire portfolio right away.


    Many other data sources are incorporated into the Innography high-quality data foundation and are automatically correlated with patents – such as litigation, trademarks, and company financials. So, if you’re looking at a patent set and you want to know which of these patents have been litigated, it’s one click away.

    Innography’s artificial intelligence fills empty data elements where possible. For example, CPC codes weren’t assigned to US patents until 2011, so we add the appropriate CPC code based on the other classifications. 

    Some data elements, such as expiration date, simply don’t exist in patent records. Innography uses algorithms to calculate the expiration date based on the country’s rules and exceptions, such as patent term adjustments (for the US), and congressional patent extensions.

    All this data is automatically updated at least weekly, incorporating new transaction data such as re-assignments, legal status updates, and company acquisitions – over 200,000 updates are applied each month.


Machine Learning Capabilities

Innography leverages machine learning to take a big data approach to global IP data, drastically improving data quality. Our proprietary processes and algorithms turn data from nearly 200 sources into usable, verified, update-to-date information.

Modern Infrastructure

Innography was built on a thoroughly modern architecture and with the latest technologies and improved each year.  Innography’s data-cleansing capabilities are unique in the industry.

Crowdsourced Improvements

The Innography database utilises crowdsourcing to find exceptions and generate new rules that only a person can decipher, in a “virtuous cycle” that increases accuracy as more people use it.

Data Scientist Vetted

All this is overseen by our team of data scientists, who are charged with creating the cleanest data sets possible, while constantly adding new data sources and updating their technology approach.


Speak to one of our IP experts about how we can help you do more of what you do best.