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Nordic offices

CPA Global (Patrafee) AB
Box 10145
SE-100 55 Stockholm
Visitors: Linnégatan 89E

Phone: +46 (0) 8 566 444 00
Fax: +46 (0) 8 720 51 72

Visiting address:
CPA Global (Ipendo) AB
World Trade Center
Skeppsgatan 19
SE-211 11 Malmö

Postal address:
CPA Global (Ipendo) AB
Box 10145
SE-100 55 Stockholm

Phone: +46 40 12 05 40
Fax: +46 40 12 05 42

CPA Global (Ipendo Systems) AB
Research & Development Centre
Nygatan 18
SE-582 19 Linköping

Phone: +46 13 10 48 00
Fax: +46 13 10 38 01


Our regional team come from a broad base of backgrounds. What we have in common is a history in the IP sector, knowledge about the region and a true passion for service. Many of us started our careers in CPA Global via the acquisitions of the IP services and software providers Patrafee and Ipendo.


Mats Polkander

General Manager Nordic Region

With years of management experience from the IP industry, Mats is responsible for the customer engagement and operations in the Nordic region. Mats previously served as CEO for Patrafee AB, the leading Nordic IP services and software provider that CPA Global acquired in 2014.


Michael Linhart

Area Vice President Sales Nordic Region

Michael is responsible for sales and account management of larger corporate clients and IP law firms in the Nordics. Michael joined CPA Global in 2016 and brings almost 25 years’ experience in sales and business development including several management roles.


Erik Forsberg

Regional Vice President Sales Nordic Region

Erik is driving sales and account management of larger corporate clients in the Nordics. Erik joined CPA Global in 2020 and brings more than 20 years’ of experience from various IT-sales roles. Based in Stockholm.


Christina Sunnercrantz

Manager Renewal Department, Stockholm Office

Christina is responsible for renewals operations at the Stockholm office where she leads our renewals team. With an IP expertise developed over three decades and years of management experience, she develops the excellence of customer service further and oversees that the renewal processes are performed safely.


Joakim Gustafsson

VP Client Engagement Nordic Region, Product Manager Patrawin

Joakim is responsible for the development of Patrawin and makes sure we deliver a software in line with the high standard our customers have come to expect. He is also involved in client relations in the Nordics in general. Joakim joined us in 2008 and has a background in the IT industry and business process outsourcing.


Nitin Anand

Team Manager Ipendo Renewals

Nitin is responsible for renewals operations at the Malmö office where he leads the Ipendo renewals team. Nitin has a long track record in intellectual property and has held several positions in the company since he joined Ipendo in 2008.


Niklas Jonsson

Consulting Manager Nordic Region

Niklas is responsible for the professional services teams that supports Ipendo and Patrawin customers with everything from software implementations to portfolio transfers. Niklas brings decades of IPMS experience and has worked with Patrawin since 1999 and Ipendo since 2016.


Karin Holm

Product Manager Ipendo

Karin is responsible for the development and delivery of Ipendo. Her broad and long track-record of various roles associated with Ipendo makes her a solid expert of both the software, its users and the IP sector in general. Karin has worked with us since she joined Ipendo in 2009.


Emma Crawford

Executive Assistant to General Manager Nordic Region/Office Manager

Emma is responsible for Office Management in Sweden, she works together with the Nordic Management team to ensure the smooth running of our offices. Emma also supports senior managers with client management. Emma joined CPA Global in 2020 and brings 20 years’ experience of international office and project management.

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