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Invalidity Search

Your patent and technical literature searches must be customised to meet your exact legal and technical requirements, must be delivered within your desired timeframe, and must leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of information that helps you make better IP decisions.

Our invalidity searches help you when the stakes are highest:

  • Supporting the strongest argument for invalidating a patent when you’re the defendant in an infringement lawsuit
  • Giving you the leverage you need in negotiations by assessing the strength of one or more patents in support of a possible licensing deal or acquisition
  • Clearing the competitive playing field by invalidating competitors’ patents using various post-grant procedures at patent offices.

Our searchers routinely use 30+ language- and technology-specific databases to provide the best possible support for your litigation or enforcement efforts.

Our approach entails:

  • Identifying target claims and specific limitations of interest, critical date, and other parameters key to developing a precise search strategy based on an in-depth scoping discussion
  • Actively dissecting target claims to develop an in-depth understanding of the specific limitations under focus
  • Searching electronic and manual data sources for non-patent technical literature, including non-traditional resources such as product literature (manuals and repair guides) and industry standards documents, and hard-copy collections at libraries around the world
  • Applying our in-depth understanding of the implications of patent law or search objectives on search strategy:
    • Challenging patent validity in different types of post-grant proceedings in multiple jurisdictions
    • Incorporating the impact of changes in patent law around the globe
    • Developing search strategies designed to support your case strategy


Technical expertise


With a team of 250+ in-house, full-time search professionals, we ensure your search has the right expertise backing it up. Learn more

Budgetary control


Projects tailored to your budgetary imperatives – so you get exactly what you want and need.

Global scope


Our search capability covers every major jurisdiction worldwide.



Clear, straightforward pricing and free, no-obligation quotes.




We put our highly skilled and internally trained team of more than 250 experienced analysts at your service. This includes attorneys, patent agents, and former patent examiners, as well as former practising engineers and scientists.



We combine the art and science of searching to maximise value for clients, based on decades of experience in formulating search strategies. By creatively harnessing the power of multiple search engines, databases and libraries we can deliver tailored results that meet your requirements. We have particular expertise in leveraging non-traditional sources of technical and product literature to find critical prior art needed for invalidity searches.



Our analyst team includes native speakers in multiple languages, including five major languages across all technologies. This allows us to perform native language searching, both online and on the ground, which can be particularly critical for invalidity searches because non-English sources anywhere in the world may provide the critical prior art needed to make your case.



Our specialist search managers provide consultative, responsive and high-touch services. We collaborate with you locally while coordinating your project globally from the top patenting jurisdictions around the world.



Our Reference Desk provides access to extensive resources for patent and non-patent literature. If the documents exist, our librarians and technical literature experts will find them.



We deliver results in the format of your choice, from full reports to matrices. Every deliverable is designed to speed up the review process, enabling you to make quick and accurate decisions based on high-quality information.

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