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CPA Global launches next generation of leading IP software Memotech

Memotech™ 7 offers improved user experience and 50% performance efficiency gains

February 1, 2017– ALEXANDRIA. IP technology leader CPA Global® announces a major release of Memotech, its enterprise software platform. Memotech 7 brings major productivity enhancements and decision-making support to corporate IP departments. A more intuitive user interface and enhanced overall product experience brings access to integrated patent data and analysis tools for better IP decision-making, and major new features that will vastly increase the efficiency of IP management tasks.

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CPA Global 2016 Annual Review now available online

CEO Simon Webster outlines our company’s plan to lead in the intellectual property technology and management sector, and to grow sustainably for the long term in the CPA Global 2016 Annual Review. In addition to the CEO update, the review spotlights three key areas where CPA Global is leading the industry forward.

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CPA Global joins forces with the Open Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO) to drive the future of IP

Increased transparency into the ownership of patents will fuel future innovation

January 5, 2017 – LONDON. CPA Global®, a leading IP management and technology company, is actively supporting the Open Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO) – a non-profit organisation that aims to improve transparency and openness around patent ownership data.

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CPA Global announces new software release for law firms that will reduce risks and improve productivity

Inprotech® 12.0 adds new features to offer smarter IP portfolio management

December 7, 2016 – ALEXANDRIA. IP management and technology company CPA Global® announces updates to its Inprotech software suite. Designed to enable law firms to do business more efficiently, Inprotech is a web-based IP management platform that centralises IP tasks and stakeholders into one interface.

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CPA Global unveils game changing technology for IP professionals

Innovative platform technology empowers customers to create, manage, protect and optimise their IP portfolios more securely and efficiently across the globe

November 15, 2016 – NASHVILLE: At its Software Summit in Nashville today, IP management and technology company CPA Global® announced the launch of The IP Platform – new technology that will enable customers to increase efficiency in global collaboration, and generate unique business insight from IP data.

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CPA Global to rock the future of IP at ‘Sounds of the Future’ Software Summit in Nashville

Exclusive to this year’s summit – a private ‘back stage pass’ for a unique preview of a category changing solution that will transform the way IP is managed

November 3, 2016 – ALEXANDRIA: At ‘Sounds of the Future’, CPA Global will showcase products and innovative capabilities within its extensive portfolio. The Software Summit offers access to live demonstrations to explore new features, discuss the unique value that CPA Global data and solutions deliver, and unveil a groundbreaking solution that reveals new ways for customers to connect with information, technology and other people.

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Innography’s latest release drives CPA Global’s integrated future for IP management

CPA Global provides the intelligence and insight to super-charge IP strategy and underscores company’s commitment to deliver competitive advantage.

November 1, 2016 – ALEXANDRIA: CPA Global demonstrates continued commitment to the future of IP with Innography’s latest update to its Advanced Analysis solution. The new release will simplify the consumption of business critical IP data for making informed IP decisions. The update includes PortfolioIQ which provides a holistic view of manageable, accurate, IP data – combining public and internal data in one intuitive user interface.

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FoundationIP 5.0: a new standard in IP big data and productivity

CPA Global enhanced FoundationIP® makes for smarter IP portfolio management

October 24, 2016 – WASHINGTON. CPA Global today launches a major release of FoundationIP®, its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables law firms and corporations to drive better decision making and improve productivity in managing intellectual property.

Following CPA Global’s acquisition of Innography in November 2015, CPA Global has begun the integration of Innography’s global patent database, PatentScout into FoundationIP.

FoundationIP provides IP law firms and corporations access to on-demand and customisable dashboards that deliver a clear and comprehensive overview of a user’s IP management activities. The software enhances communication and assigns activity between attorneys, docketing staff and inventors.

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IT and auto: what trends are driving the future of automotive design

Driverless cars and patent superstars, what does IP information tell us about the future of automotive?

September 28, 2016 – WASHINGTON. Analysis of patent information in the automotive industry has revealed four key areas which will be the battlegrounds for innovation in the automotive industry. CPA Global Innovation Intelligence Services launches an in-depth patent analysis on the automotive industry in a detailed whitepaper to identify the trends and companies spearheading automotive advancement.

CPA Global’s whitepaper identified key trends in the future of automotive: developments in passenger safety, automotive communications, automation and in-car entertainment. The result will be more connected vehicles with enhanced driving assistance and improved safety.

The research also highlighted how automotive manufacturers and IT companies are actively recruiting innovators from each other.  More than 20 ‘patent superstars’ (named inventors on patents) have transitioned from automotive to IT companies or vice versa since 2008, with the majority transitioning since 2011.  Both IT companies and auto makers are determined to control the future direction of vehicle innovation.

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CPA Global IP Expert Recognised as World Leading IP Strategist

‘IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists’ identifies individuals who are leading the way in the development and implementation of strategies that maximise the value of IP portfolios.

22 September 2016 – ALEXANDRIA: Tyron Stading, President and Founder of Innography, a CPA Global company, has been named by the Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) as one of the world’s leading IP strategists.

Compiled annually, IAM researchers speak to a range of senior corporate IP managers and third-party IP service providers to identify IP leaders from around the world. Only individuals nominated multiple times, and by different parties as outstanding IP strategists, can be listed in the IAM Strategy 300.

“The IAM Strategy 300 recognises the achievements of a very select group of men and women whose advice has consistently helped companies across the world to generate significant extra value from their IP,” says IAM Editor Joff Wild. “Developments over recent years have shown the strategic importance of IP to businesses, so locating individuals who understand IP value and how to create it has never been more important.”

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Commercial Manned Spaceflight Report: Innovation Intelligence Services

It is rocket science: how manned spaceflight is the new frontier of innovation

CPA Global Innovation Intelligence Services launches an in-depth patent analysis on manned spaceflight innovation

August 25, 2016 – WASHINGTON. Analysis of patent information in the manned spaceflight industry has revealed the speed of innovation growth in the area of rocket science. Nations with active manned space programs – the United States, China and Russia – represent three-fifths of all patent protection with a worldwide total of more than 4,300 patented space innovations filed since 1960.

Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the earth in 1961, but during the following 55 years, fewer than 600 people have since travelled into space. The aim of commercial spaceflight is to increase this number by making space travel cheaper, safer and commercially viable.

To pave the way for commercial spaceflight, companies are focusing on less expensive methods of lifting people and cargo to orbit. The highest volume of patent applications to date concentrate on technologies that guide and control spacecraft, provide a life supporting environment, and develop docking systems that allow astronauts to disembark in orbit.

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CPA GLOBAL fueling innovation in China

BEIJING, July 26, 2016

CPA GLOBAL, the world’s leading IP management and technology company, introduced its Asia Pacific General Manager, Marcos Antunes, and China General Manager, Yifeng Song, to media at a press event in Beijing today. The executives shared CPA GLOBAL’s integrated intellectual property (IP) management capabilities and business mission, as well as insights on IP industry trends in China and globally.

Antunes, Asia Pacific General Manager, comments: “IP has become the competitive currency in today’s global economy, and there is increasing pressure to protect complex portfolios throughout the world. China is starting to occupy an increasingly prominent role in the global innovation system. CPA GLOBAL helps leading Chinese companies and organizations build and protect their global IP assets, providing an integrated platform that empowers our customers to meet these challenges and maximise the value of their IP.”

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Notice of organisational change

June 6, 2016

Alasdair Marnoch, CPA Global’s Chief Financial Officer for the past 3 years, has stepped down from the role and will be handing over responsibility to Ben Gujral who joined the business as CFO today.

CPA Global, the world’s leading intellectual property (IP) management and technology company, today announces the appointment of Ben Gujral as its new Chief Financial Officer.  Alasdair Murdoch has decided to step down as CFO to pursue other business interests.

During Alasdair’s time at CPA Global, he has overseen a considerable part of our operational improvement programme, including upgrading our financial planning and processes.  He has built a strong finance function with a well-respected team, and the company wishes him every success in the future.

Ben Gujral has over 12 years’ experience as a CFO of private equity-backed and listed companies. Before joining CPA Global, he was CFO of Oaktree Capital-backed Harkand Group, and CFO at Mood Media, during which time the company’s revenues increased from US$150m to $550m and completed a successful IPO on AIM in London. He previously held CFO roles at Transcom and DCS in the business services sector.

Ben has a strong track record of managing growth businesses, both organically and through acquisitions. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant and holds a degree in Economics.

CPA Global celebrates new corporate brand in Korea

May 12 2016

CPA GLOBAL, the world’s leading IP management and technology company, announced its new corporate brand and its new business mission at Korea Press Center on May 12, 2016.

CPA GLOBAL introduced its new global brand to Korea. The new brand brings together all of its customer offerings in software, services, information and people, across the entire breadth of the intellectual property lifecycle.

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Media Statement

April 26 2016

CPA Global is pleased to announce that we will be uniting under one global brand from the 26th April 2016, World IP Day. This will bring together all of our customer offerings in software, services, information and people, across the entire breadth of the intellectual property lifecycle. Our acquired brands of Landon IP and Patrafee will become part of the CPA Global identity. Innography, our latest acquisition and the leading innovators in IP information provision, will retain its name but will be aligning its look and feel to the new brand.

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