CPA Global Celebrates New Corporate Brand in Korea 

  • Hosts press conference at Korea Press Center to celebrate launch of new brand
  • GM of CPA GLOBAL Korea Andrew Ahn recognizes impact of new brand on Korean IP industry

(May 12, 2016)  CPA GLOBAL, the world’s leading IP management and technology company, announced its new corporate brand and its new business mission at Korea Press Center on May 12, 2016.

CPA GLOBAL introduced its new global brand to Korea. The new brand brings together all of its customer offerings in software, services, information and people, across the entire breadth of the intellectual property lifecycle.

The new brand is the product of significant customer research that has not only shaped the new brand, but also CPA GLOBAL’s business strategy, as it looks to help its customers meet the challenges they face in today’s IP environment. With competing demands on its customers’ time and resources, CPA GLOBAL helps customers to meet the challenges they face in today’s IP environment. CPA GLOBAL builds an integrated platform that empowers their customers to meet these challenges and maximise the value of their IP. This platform will connect people to systems and processes, people to information and people to people in a unique and powerful way. Through the new platform, CPA GLOBAL is expected to provide the right information at the right time to help customers drive better decision making and more efficient execution.

CPA GLOBAL’s new brand mission is to help customers to realise the potential of ideas and deliver more value from their intellectual property via integrated software, services and information. The breadth, depth and global track record allow CPA GLOBAL to deliver a single, unified and cohesive IP management experience to its customers. Its established global network, unrivalled insight on the software, technology, process and communications that integrates IP management practice within client organizations. As a result, it gives a peace of mind to their clients.

“With the new brand launch we will continue to introduce unprecedented, top-class IP management services to our valued customers to help them drive the value from IP,” said Andrew Ahn, GM of CPA GLOBAL Korea. “CPA GLOBAL will continue to offer a full suite of IP services, which have been available to major global players in other countries, to our Korean clients.”



CPA GLOBAL believes that ideas change the world. Trusted by many of the world’s most respected corporations and law firms, CPA GLOBAL empowers a global IP community to achieve excellence in IP management and realize the potential of ideas. CPA GLOBAL does this by supporting the day-to-day delivery of IP tasks globally and providing the right information at the right time, enabling professionals to make better IP decisions for the future. CPA GLOBAL’s integrated suite of IP software, services and information is underpinned by an outstanding global team of over 2,000 IP professionals, working together to help customers deliver strategic value.