Managing large IP portfolios with Ipendo® is even better with an improved user experience, increased efficiency and our ground-breaking global patent database and matching engine - IP One Data.

October 26, 2017 – LONDON. CPA Global®, the IP technology leader, today announced the next generation of Ipendo in its IP One software suite. The upgrade delivers efficiencies in managing complex IP portfolios, improves the user experience and ensures data within the software is consistently verified for accuracy.  

Ipendo is a cloud-based service that delivers secure connectivity to all aspects of IP activity, from inventor disclosure or trademark requests, through to large-scale renewals payments. The new version enables customers to work faster by delivering significant efficiencies; data can be viewed and edited in the same screen reducing time taken to edit cases and administrative burdens by up to 50 per cent.

In this latest release, customers can now verify records in their IP management system with the integrated public data delivered by CPA Global’s ground-breaking global patent database and matching engine - IP One Data. In our 2016 proprietary Future of IP Technology survey, 95% of users selected “automated validation of IP data against patent office data” as one of their top requirements from IP technology.

“Up to now most data input into IP software has been done manually, which is time-consuming and error prone,” comments Marc Karlsson, Product Manager at CPA Global. “The new version of Ipendo benefits from our investment in IP One Data to deliver improved data accuracy. Combined with an enhanced user interface this delivers great efficiency gains in data entry - the more complex the edit, the more time is saved. Customers can update hundreds of records with just a few clicks.”

Further enhancements to the software include a new docketing overview that highlights the most important data and outlines actions via a traffic light system. A new visual dashboard also provides a simple summary of overdue, due and upcoming tasks, enhancing workload management.

“CPA Global is investing in technology that enables customers to work significantly faster, improves their experience and gives them seamless access to verified data," Toni Nijm, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at CPA Global comments. “This new release of Ipendo is all about that. The future of IP is about deploying technology in a smart way so IP professionals can focus their time on making the right IP decisions.”

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CPA Global is the world’s leading IP management and technology company. We offer customers The IP Platform: delivering integrated Innovation and IP Portfolio software, services and insights across the entire Idea Lifecycle, supporting customers every step of the way to realise the value of their ideas. IP One Data is at the heart of The IP Platform – empowering our customers with comprehensive, verified and reliable data. We are trusted by many of the world’s leading corporations and law firms, and backed by a global team of more than 2,000 passionate and visionary people.

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