Connectivity between improved IP Management Systems and Innography crucial in the brave new world of ‘New IP’

JERSEY, 23 OCTOBER 2019: IP technology leader CPA Global today announces the release of its IP decision support suite, integrating its pioneering Memotech and FoundationIP intellectual property management systems (IPMS) with the Innography IP Intelligence software.

CPA Global customers now have access to a first-of-its-kind solution that tightly aligns IP Management and IP Intelligence, powering more informed IP decisions and driving higher-value IP creation.

These solutions make it possible for corporate IP teams to provide valuable insights on their portfolio above and beyond the operationally focused reporting of the IPMS. By bringing the IP management system and IP intelligence software together, business stakeholders can easily access internal information from the IPMS with the highest quality public IP data in various ways to uncover unique insights and trends. 

Venu Venugopal, Chief Product Officer at CPA Global, said:

“There is ever increasing focus on improving efficiencies within enterprise IP operations. We believe that by deploying technology in strategic ways, through integrated solution sets with strong data capabilities we’ll truly turn information into intelligence through which better decisions can be made. This only becomes possible when systems and tools talk to each other, synchronously and seamlessly with data as a strong foundation. There is no place in what we call the world of New IP for disjointed systems and siloed data. While the specific needs of businesses will always vary, the decision support suite we are launching today is a quantum leap forward in terms of the opportunities available to our users to derive insight, strategise, and generate value.”

IP decision support offers:

  • Unparalleled analytical capabilities: allowing customers to view their portfolio in the context of the broader competitive landscape, to understand how they compare by bringing internal information and unpublished cases into Innography alongside the global, public IP database and powerful analytics for all users.
  • Data consistency: ensuring a single source of truth, mitigating risk and improving efficiency across business’ IP lifecycles and stakeholders.
  • Sharable dynamic dashboards: effectively communicating IP intelligence findings and value to board level decision-makers.

Simon Webster, Group CEO of CPA Global, commented:

“Our enhanced suite of products will transform decision-making and is a further step towards elevating the role of IP. By putting the right information at the fingertips of leaders, we’re empowering them to deploy and manage IP in a way that aligns with business strategy, increases intangible value, and enables companies to compete more effectively and with ever greater confidence.”

To find out more about how CPA Global is helping businesses make better IP decisions, visit:

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CPA Global
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