New report from CPA Global reveals untapped potential of IP assets

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA 25 JUNE 2019: Patent transfer activity in the U.S. decreased 22 percent in 2018 from the year prior, underscoring continued uncertainty around patent subject matter eligibility and concordant with a larger decline in patent litigation since its 2013 peak, according to new findings published by Intellectual Property (“IP”) technology leader CPA Global.

The newly released annual report – Patent Market Tracker: 2018 Patent Transfer Trends Report – is an analysis of the key trends and market conditions driving the patent marketplace, including which technology areas were transferred, key players selling and buying patents, and a comparison of patent acquisition for the first and second halves of 2018.
CPA Global’s data shows that while the transportation, medical and computer hardware sectors saw soft growth in patents transferred in 2018 compared to the previous year, the telecommunications, computer software and electronics spaces were some of the hardest hit areas, with transfer decreases of -2.80 percent, -2.20 percent and -0.89 percent, respectively.

The total number of patents transferred in 2018 (61,192) represents less than 2 percent of all in-force patents and pending applications at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), revealing a significant opportunity for businesses seeking to monetize intangible assets or leverage negotiations.

Alex Cregan, President, North America at CPA Global, comments:
“It’s clear that there is a great deal of untapped potential in the intellectual property space that companies can and should be engaging with. There is increasing recognition of the value of IP rights and other intangibles as key strategic assets. Although patent transfers involve a relatively small proportion of the overall patent volumes, this analysis of IP data demonstrates areas of opportunities and helps stimulate companies to really leverage the insight gained to influence their strategic portfolio decisions.
What remains certain is the absolute imperative for companies to maintain oversight of patent activity related to their portfolios, with patent transfers signifying near-term interest and competitor focus. This includes potential risk, with transferred patents in the U.S. more than twice as likely to be involved in litigation than patents overall.”

The report, conducted by CPA Global, utilizes CPA Global’s Patent Market Tracker service to process, clean and organize patent purchase information from USPTO. By combining 12 different algorithms and filters, the service reveals from amidst a noisy and messy data set the trends and concrete transactions in the marketplace, offering unrivalled strategic insight into the patent ecosystem.


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