Your clients’ large IP portfolio covering different global jurisdictions can be incredibly complex – and expensive – if not managed properly. That’s why knowing the likely costs beforehand is so important to ensure they make the best business decisions.

Our IP Forecaster software allows you to add even more value. Help your clients track and predict the costs of prosecutions, filings, renewals and fees across their entire portfolio, covering more than 100 regional jurisdictions.

We calculate what they will have to pay for years to come for all their patents, trademarks and designs, eliminating the need for multiple data inputs and ensuring they control all their costs.

Working with clients to forecast IP costs has always been an awkward and risky process, but our technology makes it easy. It delivers fast, accurate and automated budgets using live market rates.

Helping your clients make better-informed financial decisions

  • More than 50 standard reporting options, as well as customised reports
  • Update your clients’ costs in real time from a worldwide network of IP specialists
  • Used by more than 80 major law firms and corporations globally
  • Best in class accuracy for your clients’ budgeting process

Help clients understand and control their IP expenditure

Enhanced decision-making

Estimate future IP costs for your clients’ portfolios through the entire patent life cycle, employing technology that integrates easily with your existing IP management system.

Comprehensive reporting

We provide more than 50 different report types as standard, ranging from international filings and renewals to quarterly/annual budgeting and advance scenario building.

Negotiate better rates

Access to real-time costs from our global network ensures you and your clients always know market rates and PTO fees.

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