Managing the transfer and change of title of your clients' IP rights

IP Recordals: A new approach to tracking your CLIENTS' IP assets

Processing the paperwork that arises from the transfer of your clients’ IP assets following a merger, acquisition, or corporate restructuring can be cumbersome, time-consuming and confusing. It’s especially tricky when they require complex supporting documentation and the legal procedures vary across international jurisdictions.

CPA Global can manage the full lifecycle of the title update process. A dedicated account manager works in conjunction with your attorneys and paralegals to help you provide clients with a cost-effective and well-managed recordals process.

Our IP Recordals service leverages our global agent network, enabling us to offer fixed fees for more accurate budgeting and cost certainty. By recording multiple cases per country, we can offer volume-based, sliding-scale discounts while improving efficiencies in fulfilling documentation requirements by country. This frees your IP team to concentrate on more valuable client work.



We help execute your clients’ recordal projects in a specified time frame, with identified milestones to gauge progress.

Cost savings


A fixed-price quote that encompasses all process costs, leveraging our buying power and trusted agent network to deliver highly competitive rates.

Manage your cash flow


Consolidate all your clients’ international agent fee and legalisation costs into a single project amount, with flexible billing options.


Our cost-effective and highly-disciplined project management approach reduces risk and includes the following key services:
  • Comprehensive cost projections
  • Formality management
  • Project management
  • Power of Attorney service
  • Confirmatory short form deed preparation
  • Legalisation and document retrieval
  • Verification and proof of filing



Find out more about IP Recordals for Law Firms

See our detailed product sheet.



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