5G Standard Technology
Intelligence Report



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Key global players in mobile telecommunication sector are currently focused on maximizing their contributions to 5G via declaration of their patented technologies to various technical aspects of 5G.  CPA Global’s team of telecommunication experts has conducted an analysis on patent declarations to a set of selected key ETSI projects pertaining to 5G. 

This analysis consists of three major sections:
  • Major companies’ declaration activity – based on declaration patent data
  • Overview of patented technologies declared to 5G – based on family information of declared patent data
  • Standard essentiality analysis of granted patent declarations – based on technical review of declared granted patent families by CPA Global’s experts. 

In combination, the analysis provides a useful indication about the top contributors to the 5G standard. Please complete the form to download the report.

Report by Subodh Thali, Vice President, IP (Search & Analytics), CPA Global and Xiaofei Shao, Senior Consultant, IP (Search & Analytics), CPA Global. Read the author bios here.