Growth and Gains: A Best-Practice Approach to IP Law Firm Growth




It’s no surprise that practice growth is a top priority for IP law firms around the globe.

Between increased competition, firm consolidation, and corporate clients who constantly demand more value at lower costs, today’s IP law firms understand that business growth is key to long-term success.

It’s new and unfamiliar territory for many IP professionals who, until now, have predominantly focused on supporting their clients’ legal IP needs, and on business development or marketing activities to a lesser degree. Even so, it’s still possible—and imperative—to successfully and efficiently pursue meaningful growth for your IP law practice.

Ready to get started? Check out our infographic for best practice-driven insights to fuel your IP law firm’s growth.

This graphic includes:
  • The key problem law firms face
  • Key statistics around growth
  • The steps to achieving growth and why it's necessary

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