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Thumb_IPManagementAsDynamicAsYourBusinesssDemandsTransitioning to a new, more robust IPMS is a daunting proposition for any large IP organisation. But if Microsoft, which holds one of the world’s largest patent portfolios, can successfully make the jump to a new IPMS, so can you.

Swapping out its older, disjointed IPMS for one more streamlined, automated and intelligent, has empowered Microsoft to cut IT costs, accelerate time to filing, and improve data quality and security.

This paper examines some of the key characteristics and capabilities a modern IPMS should deliver to today’s dynamic corporate IP organisations. It also presents best practices and guidelines based on our extensive experience — including our work with Microsoft — to ensure the smoothest possible transition to your new IPMS.

This paper includes:
  • Why a modern IPMS matters more than ever
  • What’s getting in the way of change?
  • Simpler, smarter, more secure: prerequisites for a modern IPMS
  • The pain-free path to modernising your IPMS

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