Report_INNO_AugmentedReality_Aug17.jpgThis sample Rapid Landscape Study on augmented reality, a technology that is set to change lives, has been composed by our global team of experts on the CPA Global Analytics team.

It has been created to showcase the level of insight that can be quickly mined from patent data, using our expert patent researchers and our powerful Innography software.

The Rapid Landscape is a standardised report using a pre-defined template, to ensure speed, consistency and accuracy.

Learn how and when these reports can benefit you, including:

  • To help hone the focus of a future customised project, such as a Technology Intelligence study, Competitive Benchmark study or Portfolio Diagnostic.
  • Your primary need is speed, with less emphasis on more customised issues and questions.
  • You have multiple technical fields of interest and need quick decision support to identify the highest opportunity sectors.

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