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Technology Intelligence Study on Commercial Manned Spaceflight


TIR_Commercial_Manned_Spaceflight-CoverThe work of the Analytics team at CPA Global is to assist IP professionals in navigating the ever-changing landscape of modern technology and innovation.

Our global team is made of experts in patent information, a broad, deep and rich data source, laden with insights that can be harnessed for commercial advantage. 

In this report they analyse 4,300 patents stretching back all the way to the beginning of the space era in the early 1960s. 

The methods used in this study provide insight into the unknown, in a brand new field of manned spaceflight – changing industries, changing technologies and changing strategies.

This Technology Intelligence Study includes:

  • Analysis of major active patent applicants, including by type, e.g. large corporate, SMEs, government and academic.
  • Custom taxonomy building and analysis – technology trends, emerging technologies, IP and R&D strategy of major entities
  • Filtration and specific conclusions around entities or technologies of high interest.
  • Used to assess changing market dynamics, identify unknown or new competitors, critique current R&D strategy or support downstream R&D decision making.