Litigation in the spotlight:
preparing for front page news




Today’s 24-7 news cycle now applies to litigation news as much as every other type of news.

Filings generate news reports almost immediately and internal company emails marked as exhibits to motions are surfaced by bloggers and reporters seemingly instantly. 

But how does one prepare internally and externally for litigation that makes and breaks news?

Jordan R. Jaffe, a partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart and Sullivan LLP and veteran of front page cases such as Waymo v. Uber, Apple v. Samsung and Cisco v. Arista, explains strategies and techniques for dealing with highly scrutinized litigation in the modern age.

Topics include:
  • Treatment of your client’s confidential information pre-trial and at trial
  • Protecting your trade secrets while using the court system - sealing your proprietary information
  • Effectively working with PR professionals and navigating privilege issues

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