Thumb_Webinar_general.jpgThe patent process is expensive. The last thing you want to do is waste time and money preparing and filing an application when there is knock-out prior art that will prevent a patent from being granted.

Still, many choose to begin the patent process without a search. This is particularly problematic today given the likelihood that any valuable patent will be challenged in a post-grant proceeding at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Challenging patents in post-grant proceeding requires a competent, thorough search, but certain advanced strategies demand a particularly highly focused search. Is your search really coordinated with a comprehensive post-grant strategy?

This informative webinar addresses:

  • What level of search should be undertaken prior to filing a patent application?
  • What level of search is required before filing a post grant challenge?
  • Where to look, what to disclose (Rule 56) and how much to use in an IPR petition.

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