Fly on the Wall: Uncover IP Competitor Innovations and Protect Market Share

White Paper


Thumb_Whitepaper_FlyontheWallAnalyticsCapability_Aug2017.jpgWhat if there was a way you could peer in on your competitors' plans purely by using publicly available patent data?

There is, and it's all down to the way companies file patents to protect their R&D investments and IP.

Our latest paper, shows you how the CPA Global Analytics team uses publicly available patent data to unveil your competitors' current and future priorities. 

This White Paper covers:

  • Insight into how an Analytics intervention can help you decide how to protect market share and grow your business.  
  • A mini-case study of a global semiconductor company in East Asia who used our service to reveal the R&D activity of competitors in the area of memory technologies.
  • A clear view of how a single Analytics study can help you navigate your way through today's tangled markets where competitors can also be partners and suppliers.

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