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Thumb_UG_INNO_IPBuyersGuide_.jpgThe purchase of Patent Search and Analysis Software can be daunting. As custodians of patent strategy, Intellectual Property Professionals consider many factors, including data coverage, search methods, visualisations and reporting, software usability, and service quality.

Paramount to the decision, however, is to understand the purpose of the search and to whom the information will be presented.

This Buyer’s Guide helps the IP Professional determine how to evaluate different vendors by asking acute questions, and provides a rating evaluation for the vendors in consideration, in order to truly make the best decision when selecting a Patent Search and Analysis Software.

Find out about:

  • The Changing Role of Patent Data, including why patents are so pivotal and all about the IP lifecycle
  • Data Coverage and Quality: The Building Blocks of a Solid Patent Search, including types of patent literature, what they are and why they're so important
  • Why great search results are the foundation to great analysis, and much more