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Sustainability is at the heart of how we do business

At CPA Global, sustainability is at the heart of how we do business and an important pillar in support of our belief that ideas change the world. It ensures we manage risks and create opportunities, it helps us attract and retain the best people, and it guides how we work so we ensure our impact is as positive as possible. We are delighted to have been awarded a Bronze Medal by EcoVadis as recognition of our efforts.

EcoVadis Bronze Medal

Beach Clean Group 1


We are working hard across our operations to encourage recycling in our offices, to increase the extended-life use of our IT equipment, and to reduce waste, energy consumption and air travel where we can. We are also helping customers increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and support their own sustainability objectives.  For example, we have introduced a series of products and initiatives to move customers to digital rather than hard-copy documents, as part of our drive to digitalise as much of the IP industry that we can.

Pictured: Our people in Jersey cleaning a local beach. 



We wouldn’t be the world’s leading IP management company without more than 3000 incredible, talented employees. And we know they look to us to create a fair, challenging, rewarding and supportive work environment where they can achieve their potential.  We have policies that ensure a safe and healthy environment for each of our employees; we have a comprehensive and on-going professional development programme; and we’re proud to be a signatory to the IP Inclusive Charter, as part of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Through all of this activity, our values bind us together and guide us on everyday decision making.  We’re continuously listening, both through formal surveys and informal channels, to ensure we take the actions that all our stakeholders want and need, and that we continue to live our values every day. 

Pictured: Posing for a photo after the 5k London City Run.

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India Painting


We recognise that we play an important role in the lives of the local communities where we operate, and we support these communities through local events, sponsorship and volunteering. Our employees have undertaken projects around the world that have included: running 100 miles across frozen lakes in Mongolia to raise money for The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust; beach cleaning in Jersey; partnering with students at University of Pennsylvania’s law school to help cash-poor innovators bring sustainable inventions more effectively to market; and volunteering to support the Saksham School for Children with Blindness in Noida, India.

Pictured: Painting the Saksham School in India


As a global organisation representing customers’ interests in 200 jurisdictions around the world, reputation and trust are critically important to us. We have a dedicated, independent compliance team that oversees a Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Conduct that applies to all of the Company’s directors, officers and employees, contractors, temporary staff, and consultants. The team also has oversight of our Regulatory Trade Compliance policies and programmes.


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