Trademark Renewals On-Demand provides expert trademark renewal support when you need it, allowing you to better predict renewal costs, protect your portfolio and flexibly employ external support when needed.


With Trademark Renewals On-Demand, transitioning renewal and maintenance responsibility for your trademarks is an easy and flexible process without the need to transfer your entire portfolio data. Its benefits include:


  • Reduce your spend and better predict costs in your trademark maintenance activity. We provide upfront costs for the trademark renewals you entrust to us and then pass on our competitively negotiated agent rates and pay PTOs directly in jurisdictions where possible.


  • Ensure that your portfolio remains in force and offset some of the increased risk that accompanies merger & acquisition driven portfolio transfers. Provide us with the marks you have acquired and we will handle the maintenance requirements and any outstanding official ownership updates. This allows you to focus on assimilating your newly acquired trademarks into your portfolio.


  • Increase your bandwidth during periods when you have resourcelimitations and peaks in workflow. Work with us on trademark maintenance for a fixed term that is driven by your specific needs.


  • Our service is designed to streamline and reduce renewals activities and associated communication. Once you provide us with your list of marks, we act on your instructions and begin fulfilling formal documentation required to renew. With your renewal deadlines now covered, you can now focus on more strategic portfolio matters.


  • Ensure you have a fast-track, flexible and cost-predictive approach to trademark renewals.