Tue February 7, 11am EST

The Benefits of Transparency In Patent Ownership

Join the webinar discussion on Tuesday, 7 February, when Manny Schecter, Chief IP Counsel at IBM and Tyron Stading, President & Founder, Innography and Chief Data Officer, CPA Global will discuss the Open Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO). ORoPO is a practical solution that addresses a fundamental issue; the accuracy and accessibility of data around patent ownership. It sets out to complement the work of Patent Offices worldwide, and has the support of patent owners and the financial markets.


Tue November 1, 2pm CET

Man vs Machine

Join the webinar debate on Tuesday, 1 November, when Emma Roubtsov, Sales Engineer Director at Innography and Ed White, Vice President of Technology Intelligence at CPA Global will present their cases for the evolving roles of Man and Machine in the acquisition of IP Intelligence.


Webinar Series: Becoming an IP Pro

The ‘Becoming an IP Pro’ webinar series will keep you current and give you a unique competitive advantage necessary in today’s environment by exploring topics critical to the industry, including language, concepts, and processes.



Past Webinars

Intellectual Property Management: Consequences of the ‘Old’ Approach in a Data Driven Era

Learn how to become an IP-driven organization that is effective at managing, analyzing and maintaining IP.



Patent Strategies – 4 Key Things Executives Need to Consider

Learn about the insights every executive has access to through patent analyses, but might not be using effectively in their business decisions.




Navigate IP Management Seamlessly

Intellectual property management system (IPMS), FoundationIP, now gives users direct access to high-quality patent data (over 55M full-text translated) through an integration with Innography’s PatentScout™.



7 Ways to Learn About Competitors Using Patent Data

This webinar discusses what approaches you can take to really understand what is happening in your market and understand the products within your category.



The New Business Norm: Driving IP Value

As the role of IP quickly evolves, organizations must understand IP’s relevance to business decision making and business process. The new trends are transforming IP management from a back-office practice into an essential business process that can drive insights to accelerate growth. Businesses that can adapt to the new environment with modernized tools and techniques are gaining a significant advantage in the marketplace and increasing their value through better investments and better competitive intelligence.



Federal Circuit Trends in a Post-Alice World

Summer 2016 has been an interesting time at the Federal Circuit. Several patent eligibility cases have come down in favor of eligibility, giving a glimpse into the future of patent eligibility in a post-Alice world. Join Gene Quinn, Robert Schaffer, and Joseph Robinson for a discussion around the most recent Federal Circuit topics and what they mean for the future of patent eligibility.



Assessing the Current State of Patent Value

Over the last decade, a number of litigation hits has caused a steady decline in patent value. That is, until just a few months ago. Recent decisions from the Federal Circuit are showing an upswing for patent owners. But with a new congress and administration just months away, can we expect more good or bad news? And, how will that news impact patent value and monetization strategies?



The Key Players of the Augmented Reality Industry… and the IP insights behind it

In this 30 minute webinar on the Augmented Reality industry we use information from our recent Rapid Landscape Sample Report to discuss key players, recent developments, where the white space is – and how that is represented visually.