Who we are

CPA Global is the world’s leading Intellectual Property (IP) management and technology company.

We have the insight, experience and global expertise to create, protect, maintain and maximise IP assets on a global scale.

As a business we support the unlocking of fresh thinking and the inception of technology initiatives for our clients throughout the world. Our teams of professionals join up ideas and action, connect people with people and people with technology to ensure that individuals and organisations fulfil their potential.

Our reputation is built on our ability to streamline workflows and processes. On one hand, we take care of our customers’ day-to-day IP management tasks. On the other we support and enhance our customers’ IP decision-making, ensuring they have the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

But more than that, we help IP to be a growth engine for business. The expertise and services we provide can deliver tangible long-term competitive advantage for our clients. We have the agility to respond quickly in a fast-moving marketplace. The ability to deliver joined up thinking. The in-depth understanding of customers’ different ways of working. Plus the adaptability to devise and deliver the IP management solutions they need.

It’s why CPA Global is a trusted business partner. We combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a “customers come first” approach. We work with honesty, integrity and accountability. We are responsive and responsible. These are the qualities our clients value the most. That’s why they are the qualities we uphold above all.

Start anywhere, go everywhere.

We exist because innovation exists. New ideas, pioneering products, entire business transformations – we know that industries are moving forward at a faster pace than ever before. So managing the IP Platform has never been more vital to ensure business growth and long-term competitive advantage.

That’s where CPA Global comes in. And why we’ve become one of the most trusted IP solutions management and technology companies in the industry.

First and foremost, we believe in making the complex simple. IP portfolio management is demanding, daunting, a massive task for any business of any size. So we’re already delivering on our Vision of providing a simple, joined up, connected and integrated IP process management service.

We build next generation systems and solutions that mirror our customers’ ways of working, help to enhance their IP strategies and enable them to monetise their unique commercial ideas.

We are dedicated to transforming the industry we work in. We will develop and deliver new platforms, new networks, new ways that allow our customers to connect with information, technology and other people. To give them the agility and flexibility they need in an industry that is in a continual state of evolution.

Our vision

Our Vision is to be the IP management and technology business partner that companies of any size will turn to first. We aim to gain their trust through our expertise. Enable them to create and protect ideas that could change the world. And assist them in the expert management of their IP portfolio – strategically, timely and, most important of all, simply.