CPA Global

First To File

CPA Global First To File is an IP-friendly document management solution that eliminates the high cost associated with paper storage and management. First To File enhances collaboration, improves quality, mitigates risk, and provides total visibility across the IP document assets of organisations of any size.

First To File offers unmatched visibility and control over the patent process, including configurable workflows, automation and knowledge management. This functionality enables IP departments to eliminate redundant processes and optimise workloads across multiple offices. With First To File, all documents can be searched by phrase or keyword, enabling rapid research and discovery. In addition, moving away from a dependence on paper means case files are never lost or damaged and office and storage space becomes available for other uses.

First To File benefits and functionality include:

  • Centralised electronic files for rapid access, sharing and ease of management
  • Automated prosecution tools for increased efficiency (form generation, reference management and more)
  • Powerful search and reporting
  • Integration with IP Management systems and the USPTO
  • Outlook integration for simple, fast document filing
  • Automatic backup and professional disaster recovery capabilities
  • Ability to easily open new offices without high overhead and support costs
  • Eliminate courier costs and delays associated with moving physical files between offices

Rapid Migration and Set-up
First To File’s rapid Migration and Set-up makes the deployment process fast, simple, and painless. Depending on the size and complexity of your patent portfolio, we can have most organisations up and running in six to eight weeks.

Workflow Management
With First To File’s Workflow Management Module, IP teams can automate and manage the business processes associated with creating and prosecuting IP assets including the creation and review of IP-related forms and documents. IP Departments report that the Workflow Management Module offers a powerful tool that enables them much greater control over all IP matter management.

Workflow Benefits

  • Gain visibility and control over all your IP documents
  • Ensure complex, time-sensitive IP management processes are handled efficiently and on time
  • Improve customer service
  • Help replace inefficient physical processes with digital prompts
  • Fully integrated with First To File patent and case files – matter-based workflow
  • Simple and familiar interface that is easy to learn and use
  • Eliminate paper and associated costs
  • Increase efficiency, save time and money

Agent Access Portal (AAP)
With First To File’s Agent Access Portal, organisations can outsource the overhead associated with utilising global agents, significantly reducing administrative and email costs. AAP provides a simple, slimmed down portal where agents securely upload and receive work, and case owners are appropriately alerted, and audit logs are maintained. The tool is highly configurable to manage your partners based upon your workflow and policies.