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First To File

Work Faster and Smarter with Digital IP Document Management

In many busy IP practices, precious time and money are wasted storing and locating files, managing transition and retaining important client and case knowledge. First To File® is a digital IP document management system that enables your firm to centralise files, accelerate collaboration and institutionalise IP knowledge to deliver faster and work smarter.

Intellectual Property management has historically been a file-heavy process, creating inefficiencies and administrative burden. First To File changes this. It organises IP documents, history and correspondence into central on-line cases using Tri-fold and Bi-fold formats that are familiar to most IP professionals, making adoption intuitive and enabling a host of IP centric benefits:

  • Locating IP information is significantly faster and easier during document development and research.

  • Cases can be easily exchanged with other parties, with background knowledge institutionalised within the case.

  • Reduces storage costs and courier delays associated with paper case management.

  • Streamlines processes and improves productivity among attorneys with document and case workflow management.

  • Enhances transparency on risk, performance and workload with case tracking.

  • Enables team distribution beyond office boundaries to grow talent pool and client reach.

  • 24 hours 7 days a week online case access for authorised users.

  • Collaborate seamlessly and securely with internal and external parties.

  • Specifically designed to support IP document management needs including Patent and Trademark best practises, eliminating lengthy DMS projects and consultations.

  • Integrates with existing IP management and corporate document management solutions for an integrated IP management eco-system.

  • Simple and secure cloud-based solution eliminates need for IT infrastructure and maintenance.

With more than 2,000 users globally, First To File saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in unproductive time, storage/courier fees and workflow inefficiencies.

First To File offers the following capabilities:

  • Case Workflow
    Case work and reviews can be workflowed between contributors using allotted or automated actions and notes, while activity can be monitored to manage due date risks, individual workload and practice performance.

  • IP Data and Document Integration
    First To File integrates with IP docketing systems to auto-create and synchronise case information, correspondence, documents and images, which are also easily uploadable from email applications, desktops, Microsoft Office* products and scanners.

  • Scanned Document Conversion and Search
    First To File converts scanned documents into searchable text, which enables them to be found as easily as any other electronic file, case or email communication. CPA Global also offers bulk scanning services to get you paperlite quickly and efficiently.

  • Dedicated Patent and Trademark Office Support
    Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) correspondence, including that supported by USPTO Private Pair, is downloaded directly to cases for more efficient responses. A global reference library facilitates IP research and enables the easy generation of Invention Disclosure Statements.

  • Partner Portal
    For firms scaling their practice using external IP research professionals and attorneys, First To File offers a secure partner portal. Authorised parties can access and contribute to cases while attorneys can control quality using submission review tools.