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We believe that ideas change the world

We’re a global leader in Intellectual Property software and tech-enabled services, serving over 12,000 law firm and corporate customers every day. Our commitment is to give IP professionals the information, insight and technology they need to manage the world’s ideas.

Our story

We make it possible for IP to move at the speed of ideas.

As global challenges and opportunities accelerate, the value of innovation has never been greater. IP professionals therefore have a critical role in defining our future - managing and nurturing great ideas.

But today the IP ecosystem - which comprises people, information, technology and services - is not keeping pace. This is frustrating progress and reducing the value IP can add.

At CPA Global, we recognise that our industry is fragmented. That’s why we’re focused on digitising the IP ecosystem, reinforcing connections between people, and giving IP professionals the sophisticated solutions they need to succeed.


We see a future where the ideas that change the world are never constrained by the IP machinery that manages them. We call this Frictionless IP. Our strategy defines how we will achieve our vision, and it has three pillars.

We’re elevating IP professionals and the role they play inside their organisations by providing them with technology-enabled services and integrated IP software solutions that will improve productivity and enhance decision making. We ensure they have all they need at their fingertips, so they can make a greater impact on the ideas they manage.

Digital transformation is also needed at an industry level. So we are connecting the IP ecosystem to create a global IP network that facilitates openness and collaboration, and enables seamless, integrated task execution with unified data.

Finally, to ensure we can do this, we’re unifying our business and people around our customers. This means investing in our products, services, and people, so we continue to grow our expertise and create a culture that supports new ideas and innovation.


It’s our values and culture that guide the decisions we make day after day – this is what is important to us.

Our values - team first
Team first

We act selflessly. We are one global community.

Our values - pioneering spirit
Pioneering Spirit

We foster an environment where curiosity and bravery flourish. We encourage each other and celebrate new ideas.

Our values - deliver on promises
Deliver on promises

We make promises that are clear and deliverable. If we can’t meet a promise, we communicate quickly and propose an alternative.

Our values - keep it simple
Keep it simple

We follow the simplest path to get us the best results.

Key locations

Our global team is spread across 4 continents and 12 countries.

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Let’s change the world

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