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Patent and Technical Literature Searches

Powered by Landon IP ®

Powered by Landon IP, CPA Global clients benefit from world class commercial patent and technical literature search services.  Landon IP is able to serve clients locally from their regional offices worldwide, while searching globally in the major Asian and European languages.  The company’s services cover every possible type of search, including:

  • Patentability, Innovation Screening, or Accelerated Examination
  • Freedom to Operate, Product Clearance, or Infringement Detection
  • Invalidity, Opposition, Post-Grant Proceedings, or Strength Testing
  • State of the Art or Collection

Landon IP is a thought leader in the art and science of patent research, having developed thoroughly defined methodologies for each search objective, technology, and information source.  We teach the Art & Science of Patent Searching course worldwide, wrote Patent Searching: Tools & Techniques, and developed the Intellogist® website as the de facto industry resource for information on patent searching tools.

We have a large in-house team of both experienced relationship managers and Patent Analysts, including many patent agents, attorneys and former patent examiners, as well as former practicing engineers and scientists, many of whom hold advanced degrees in their technology.  Our staff supports five languages across all technologies and 35 total languages.  Our search group is organized into six teams based on technical expertise:

  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Communications
  • Electrical Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • Computing and Business Methods

With access to all the leading patent and non-patent literature search engines in the world combined with deep search and domain expertise, Landon IP is able to select the optimal sources to provide you with the broadest and most effective subject matter and geographic coverage for each individual search.

Landon IP can deliver your search report in our standard format, your own template, or however you would like your search findings to be presented.  We can also adapt our workflow to operate as a seamless extension of your team.

The Landon IP Difference

By working with the patent search experts you benefit from:

  • Expertise across all technologies and in many languages
  • Refined search methodologies that deliver high value for the time spent
  • Strategic use of multiple professional search engines and national or university libraries
  • Only company performing searching and preliminary examination of PCT applications for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) since 2005
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our search work
  • A precise quote and timeframe provided up-front for each search
  • Large, experienced team enables completion of searches requiring 40 hours or less within one week
  • Ability to perform native language searching in all major European and Asian languages, both online and on the ground