Patent Search for Corporations

With 50,000 successfully completed patent search projects and more than 200 experienced professionals located across three continents, CPA Global is one of the world’s largest patent search providers. Our patent search services adhere to specific guidelines that guarantee reports of the highest quality.

CPA Global offers the broadest possible range of patent research to meet all your search needs, including:

Novelty, Pre-filing & Knockout Searches
A comprehensive review of prior art to determine novelty so that you can make more informed patent application decisions. Our research includes global patents, published applications searches and non-patent literature. In addition, our “knockout” patent searches take place earlier in the filing process and can help you better assess and filter invention disclosures before incurring attorney and PTO searching fees.

State-of-the-Art & Patent Landscape Search
CPA Global State-of-the-Art patent research provides a landscape of patent and non-patent literature. Results can be applied to patent portfolio development, competitive scoping and research decisions within a particular technology area.

Freedom to Operate Search
Often performed in conjunction with a product announcement, this type of search provides an extensive review of patent literature to identify obstacles and barriers within a patent jurisdiction.

Validity/Invalidity Search
Focusing on the claims of the patent, this exhaustive search uncovers patents or other published prior art that may render a patent invalid. Search results can be used both offensively and defensively in litigation or licensing disputes.

Patent Publication Watch & Notification Service
Tailor-made to meet our clients’ unique needs, our patent watch and notification search service can monitor all patent activity within a specific industry or technology sector, including patent applications filed by key competitors.

Patent Opposition Search Services
Take advantage of procedural opportunities to challenges competitor applications and grants with watch and prior art search services tailored for EPO Oppositions or USPTO procedures introduced in the America Invents Act.