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speaking a common language coverIn an industry that is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, so is the relationship between in-house IP departments and law firms. Companies big and small are no longer satisfied with passive responses and want their law firms to be proactive, strategic and responsive. Increasingly, law firms will need to adopt technology solutions and sync their own systems with those of clients.

Conducted in partnership with research company Thought Leadership Consulting and ManagingIP magazine, our global survey, ”Speaking a Common Language: the changing relationship between IP law firms, in-house IP and their technology providers,” offers clear insight into the challenges that exist between law firms and their clients.

 The report reveals:

  • TOP 3 LESSONS FOR IP LAW FIRMS – the need to become a strategic partner, the increasing requirement to use compatible technology with clients and the ‘loyalty factor’ between law firms and clients.
  • TOP 3 LESSONS FOR IN-HOUSE COUNSEL – the best ways to select and work with external counsel, filing models and trends and the importance for law firms to be a strategic partner.

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