CPA Global works with many of the top global patent filers, serves more than 10,000 customers and connects millions of global IP users every day. As a software-driven business, we have a vision to transform the industry connecting IP professionals globally via a platform that improves efficiency across the entire industry.

Delivering consistent quality

Like our customers, we want to innovate, and we have invested in new ways to manage IP more efficiently through technology and platform applications. We invest more than $30 million each year on Research & Development (R&D) to help our customers make more efficient and profitable IP decisions, while continuing to drive product excellence across the IP industry.

Since the launch of our IP platform we have launched File and Renew apps – complemented by IP One data – to give IP professionals access to better data, better insights and better decisions. By allocating a unique ID to each record across apps and services through IP One Data, customers have access to common, consistent and clean data at all times.

Scaling to deliver bigger business benefits

We are committed to delivering a unified IP management solution that will benefit both CPA Global customers and the wider IP ecosystem.

In 2015, Innography joined the CPA Global family to further augment our service offering. Integrating our software suites, together Innography and IdeaScout support the ideation stage of the IP lifecycle and offer customers robust analytics capabilities to enhance decision making for their portfolios. Innography’s cleansed and correlated IP database is now used across our IP platform, apps and IP management systems to improve data consistency and support customer actions.  

Our recent merger with ipan/Delegate further helps us extend our product range, create greater technology integration, improve customer experience and better support global markets. Our vision of connecting the IP industry with one IP platform to deliver better IP insight and empower IP professionals to make better decisions, continues to drive our strategy.

Our activities are driven by the acute understanding that our success is intrinsically linked to that of the industry we serve.