Welcome to the CPA Global blog and the Future of IP

CPA Global exists because innovation exists.

Big data? Driverless cars? Artificial intelligence? Technology is changing and innovating at lightning speed.  With new ideas, pioneering products, and entire business transformations, we are seeing industries progress quickly and with great success.

The future is bright for IP, but fast-emerging technologies require fast-thinking and adaptive IP management.  IP organisations can share industry insight and knowledge that is vital for business growth and securing a competitive advantage.

So where do you begin?

Our Future of IP blog is dedicated to sharing stories about the transforming industry we work in – new connections, new networks, new information and new technology.  Our vision is to be the IP management and technology business partner that companies of any size will turn to first.  Trust us with managing your IP and we will empower you to share ideas that could change the world.

We have the insight, experience and global expertise to create, protect, maintain and maximise IP assets on a global scale. As a business we encourage fresh thinking and drive the inception of technology initiatives for our clients. Our team of professionals combine your ideas with action: connect people with people and people with technology to ensure that individuals and organisations always fulfil their potential.

Our IP gurus will be featured on the blog who are championing new ways of thinking and pioneering pro-active solutions to meet the constantly evolving needs of our customers. Our IP gurus have decades of experience and a wealth of IP knowledge ready to share their valuable insight into the future of IP.

We look forward to discussing the changing landscape of intellectual property driven by: big data, business assets,  and market insight.

IP is evolving, but you can start anywhere and go everywhere with CPA Global.

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