I have been with CPA Global for more than 15 years and have watched our talented team of IP specialists develop and integrate a series of IP solutions that we now take to market. During this time, the pace of technology change has been relentless. Things are possible today that were impossible a decade ago, and I suspect we have yet to imagine what will be possible in ten years’ time (although trust me, we are working on that). However, certain core principles remain the same and every day I challenge myself with this fundamental question: “If I were an IP professional, why would I choose CPA Global”?  I can think of at least 3 good reasons:

  1. Commitment to the past
    When we were created some five decades ago, it was as an IP management service for law firms.  This is important because it is where we have come from.  Right from the start our purpose was to support the role of IP specialists.  We were initially founded as an unlimited partnership and not a company. We remained so for 35 years, working as an extension to law firms’ IP departments. We are proud of where we have come from and this has given us two important assets: a unique understanding of what is important in IP management and a commitment to service quality that remains today.

  2. Commitment to the present
    Today IP professionals are under more pressure than ever.  Our heritage enables us to better understand the issues IP experts face and help them address these effectively.  We do this through a unique IP Diagnostic service. This process aims to deliver expert analysis of an IP operation, focusing on the best use of people, processes and technology to mitigate risk, increase efficiency and improve profitability. This process ensures that we do not sell our customers the solution we want to provide but instead recommend the one that is right for their business. This is critical: if we do not identify the issues, how can we help solve them

  3. Commitment to the future
    Throughout our history, we have endeavored to remain at the cutting edge of technological development. Many people will be unaware that our founding name was "Computer Patent Annuities" so even in 1969 the company was focused on technology!

    Working to support innovators requires us to innovate, and we have an established commitment to research and development that supports the job that IP professionals do.  This has been combined with acquiring and integrating other innovation companies into our family.

    Our customers get a wealth of information from IP to shape future business growth, create compelling competitor insight and drive the next generation of research and development effectively. To fully benefit from this opportunity, corporates and law firms need to have IP information in one place, seamlessly linked, so that, for example, an amendment to a filing is reflected in the subsequent renewal.  This is the objective behind The IP Platform™, CPA Global’s uniquely personalised IP gateway that will fundamentally change how technology supports IP professionals. And that’s why, as an IP professional, I would be choosing CPA Global as my business partner.

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