The keynote conference on day three of CPA Global IGNITE! 2018 addressed the specific needs and requirements of law firms, corporate IP departments and how CPA Global can address these more effectively. The imagined reality for the presenters was frictionless engagement between law firms and corporates.

The keynote was collectively presented by Shauna Osborne, SVP Global Customer Success; Haydn Evans, SVP Strategy Corporates and Jayne Durden, SVP Strategy Law Firms. And it came with a surprise in the shape of a T-Shirt launcher gun that fired a collection of garments into the audience.

Shauna, Haydn and Jayne asked the delegates at CPA Global IGNITE! 2018 several questions about their priorities. These began with a direct question: what do customers most want most from CPA Global?  The responses were:

  • Understanding the customers’ business effectively – 20%
  • Bringing best practice to help deliver a more effective job for IP professionals – 30%
  • Consistent quality of experience across different products – 50%

Jayne Durden then asked the law firms in the audience about their key business priorities from a choice of three options. The responses were:

  • Improving profitability – 30%
  • Delivering better client services – 45%
  • Growing business – 25%

Haydn Evans asked corporates in the audience about their key priorities. The key three issues  were improving efficiency followed by improving alignment between business strategy and IP strategy, then reducing risk.

Jayne, Haydn and Shauna outlined to the audience how CPA Global plans to help, including bringing new products to market in the short term that directly deliver better engagement for law firms and corporates. 

A conference of firsts

CPA Global IGNITE! 2018 saw several initiatives launched for the first time that could help shape future events.

The Women in IP networking breakfast saw more than 70 women enjoy an opportunity to network together on the first morning. The buzz in the room was incredible and this response has prompted CPA Global to plan a network that can help mentor and support the future development of women in the industry.

The first one-day VIP Roundtable event provided the opportunity for senior decision makers in the IP industry to discuss issues and share experiences. In a wide ranging and varied series of debates, these industry leaders raised issues that were common to all and helped shape future direction of technology services in the IP industry.

CPA Global IGNITE! 2018 in numbers

In total more than 300 customers attended CPA Global IGNITE! 2018. They attended almost 100 training sessions, with 26 customers presenting at the conference alongside 42 CPA Global staff. As the customers begin to head back to their day jobs, the value of being able to meet and collectively learn is as relevant as ever in the IP industry.