Innography’s IdeaScout has been named the Best Emerging Technology of 2017 at the 32nd annual Software Innovation and Information Association (SIIA) CODiE Awards, which recognises excellence in software, information and education technology. 

Making a mark  

As the SIIA CODiE awards are the only peer recognised programme to showcase business and education technology’s finest products and services, the win is great market validation for the product’s innovation, vision and overall industry impact. The Emerging Technology category recognises a product, tool or solution that is solving a big problem, changing the status quo and opening up new opportunities.

Industry seal of approval

The first review of all nominees is conducted by software and business technology experts, including members of the industry, analysts, media, bloggers, bankers and investors. The scores from the judges’ review determine the finalists. SIIA members then vote on the finalist products, and the scores from both rounds are tabulated to select the winners.

A winning idea

IdeaScout is an idea and innovation management software solution that helps close the gap between R&D and IP teams. Ideas can be submitted earlier and of a higher quality and quantity, saving significant amounts of time during the filing process and driving return on investment in product development through cost savings and faster time to market.

The ability to track competitors and stay abreast of innovation trends is important to maximise the value of IP, as well as uncovering lucrative new revenue sources.

Research has indicated that competition combined with strong demand is a major driver of innovation. Implementing IdeaScout is yet another measure companies can use to strengthen their ability to innovate and drive corporate sustainability.