“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” – Sheryl Sandberg COO, Facebook

I’m Molly MacNeil and my hope is that the future Sheryl is referring to is not far off. Although it feels vulnerable to share my story, my hope is that you can relate and feel encouraged. I describe myself as a business strategist, wife, sister, mentor, dog mom, yogi and adventurer. One of my missions in life is to empower women with self- confidence and happiness, guiding them to achieve great success. I’m based in Austin, Texas and the Senior Manager of Strategy.



i will strive to be "just a leader."

I began my career in management consulting, living in NYC but mainly out of a suitcase. I spent 5 years consulting large corporations on strategy, change management and process improvements. Although I really loved the work, I was ready for a break from the weekly travel. I moved to Austin and eventually found myself at Innography, managing our strategic partnerships. During the Innography integration into CPA, I joined the Corporate Development team. My focus was to continue to manage our Innography partners and expand our partner program.

Early in my career, I learned the importance of mentors. I quickly found mentors to guide me in my career and our large organization. By choosing to have both male and female mentors, I’ve been able to gather greater diversity of thought. I believe this is crucial not only in mentorship, but also in an organization.

With the support from my team, I began to take on new responsibilities outside of the partnership program within Corporate Development. My role expanded to include mergers & acquisitions and integrations. I learned the importance of asking for projects that would develop my capabilities.  This also meant being open to feedback and not afraid to ask for help. I was grateful to be on a team that encouraged me to have a perspective and ask questions.

Following our recent merger, our organization began to revisit our group strategy and structure. There was a clear need for a Strategy team. In January, I joined Haydn Evans, forming our small team. Our focus is to empower the organization with our strategy, while driving governance and enabling execution. I'm excited for the growth opportunities in my new role. 

As the IP industry is quickly transforming, CPA Global is well-placed to accelerate change. We are driving digital transformation for our customers and the network. For this to be successful, organizations must also evolve. By promising to develop our people in a diverse and inclusive workplace, we are leading by example. I feel inspired by our mission and the future of IP.

I’m pledging to play my part in #EachforEqual by mentoring, empowering and leading. Specifically, mentoring young women like my 7th grade mentee, Monica from the Seedling Mentor program… and as Sheryl Sandberg says, I will strive to be “just a leader.”


How will you do your part in #EachforEqual?