CPA Global’s IGNITE! 2017 conference, in Dubrovnik, Croatia provided law firms an opportunity to discuss the adoption of new technology for their firms. Managing risk is a constant concern for law firms. Many are cautious about embracing innovative working practices for fear of breaking what is currently not broken. 

However, with a higher volume and velocity of IP filings, IP law firms are under pressure. Increased demand for IP protection is good news for lawyers, but firms are having to do more with less time and resources.

In this environment, technology can have a transformative effect. Technology can improve decision making and secure a law firm’s position as trusted partner. The questions for many firms are how to adopt technology in the right areas and how to ensure it is deployed across a firm to deliver maximum value.

To address these questions, law firms should consider these five stages for technology adoption to be successful:   

  1. Building a strategy: to deploy and utilise the correct technology, it is important to understand the law firm’s goals, objectives and challenges. With this insight, it is easier to define the scope, methodology and deliverables needed from the technology.
  2. Designing a solution: evaluate the firm’s current state and then design a solution focusing on minimizing the impact of day-to-day operations.
  3. Testing and piloting: technology should always be piloted before deployment. Every law firm has its own way of operating and it is critical that technology is deployed in a way that suits the needs of an individual firm.
  4. Creating a practice champion: law firms adopting new technology should look to appoint an individual that can fully evaluate new technology, assess where it can be most effective, and then take on the role of promoting the technology across the firm. Many firms that deploy technology without an internal champion face issues with training, deployment and adoption.
  5. Measuring change: review of the technology should be conducted regularly to ensure alignment to the firm’s evolving needs and challenges.

In today’s increasingly digitised economy, the IP industry is finally embracing the opportunities afforded by technology. With advances in software and data technology, there is potential to further improve practice efficiency and better manage risk. Through the integration of technology, law firms have more time to focus on higher value strategic tasks for clients and growing new business.

Find out more about software innovation and collaboration at CPA Global IGNITE! 2017