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with FoundationIP®

Unleash the power of automated data verification

Clean, reliable, and trustworthy IP data is hard to find and even more difficult to maintain.  Unlike any other IP management system today, FoundationIP® offers bibliographic data verification out of the box, providing you access to automatically refreshed IP data.

Used by 600+ noteworthy corporations and law firms, from all industries and portfolio sizes, and refined and perfected with their input, FoundationIP represents a significant leap forward in IP Management Software. This SaaS-based solution provides a single, centralized location to manage all your IP, with the added power of automated data verification from Innography. 

Why choose FoundationIP?

Secure, simple, and stress-free setup


FoundationIP provides industry best practices out-of-the-box with minimal upfront costs on a robust infrastructure. Secure and SaaS-based, this system is quick to set up, making it possible for you to get up and running fast and without fuss.

Up-to-date, clean, and verified data


The data verification services offered in FoundationIP is a powerful tool to clean and verify your bibliographic data. Access automatically refreshed IP data, review data discrepancies, and quickly make updates across your portfolio.

Maximized efficiency and profitability


Automated processes and integrated workflows allow your business to operate with increased productivity and cost effectiveness, freeing up your team to focus on more valuable work. 

Effective and collaborative


Built on IP best practices and continual feedback from our savvy customer base, FoundationIP gives you the tools to manage the entire IP lifecycle effectively. Supporting all types of IP, automated workflow and task management tools ensure you never miss a deadline. You can even empower your external partners to use FoundationIP as a collaboration portal.

Grows with your business


FoundationIP was designed and refined to give you the very best in speed and agility. Whether you have a small or a large portfolio, FoundationIP matures with your business. It is easily scalable and future-focused to help you and your organization achieve your IP ambitions.

Provides measurable value


With no large up-front investment in infrastructure, licenses, or maintenance and no need to accommodate servers, hire IT support, or manage upgrades or installations, FoundationIP is a valuable solution. A simple, subscription based pricing model makes it even easier for you to predict and control your costs.

More Freedom with foundationIP:

IP Best Practices

  • Supports all types of IP and offers workflow and task management tools to ensure you never miss a deadline
  • Acts as a collaboration hub with your external partners, automatically logging email correspondence against related matters using Messages feature
  • Provides centralized and automated prior art management (IDS), making it possible to easily load references from public data sources, automatically flow references to related matters, and generate an IDS form
  • Offers one-click docketing of USPTO Private PAIR outbound correspondence
  • Comprehensive country law and forms coverage - automatically calculated deadlines  based on applicable country laws, compiled by a team of over 20 attorneys and IP software specialists across the United States, Europe and India, working with over 1,000 agents worldwide. PTO Forms service provides users with up-to-date over 160 supported USPTO forms, including EFS-compatible

Robust Security

  • World class application security, hosting, and performance - SAS 70/SSAE16 Type 2 and IS2700 certified - with dedicated and experienced development, operations, and security teams that provide proactive and global 24x7 monitoring and support 
  • ITAR compliant hosting controls and processes in addition to export control settings to ensure your matters, documents, and emails are ITAR compliant
  • Supports enterprise authentication methods – i.e. Single Sign-On and can integrate securely through a Web Services API

Sophisticated Data Verification

  • FoundationIP offers automated data verification of bibliographic details powered by Innography’s global database of over 104 million patent documents

  • Algorithms and data scientists apply over 200,000 data record updates per month and correct millions of customer records each week
  • This powerful service automatically matches your existing records to Innography and provides you with tools to easily correct your data across your portfolio.  Alternatively, auto-pilot mode updates your records with data from matching Innography records and corrects any discrepancy with no manual effort needed

Detailed Reports and Dashboards

  • Create a variety of complex reports in all major formats (i.e. PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.) easily with FoundationIP’s reporting engine
  • Build sophisticated dashboards and detailed visualizations giving you at-a-glance, real-time insights into your portfolio
  • Research global patent data by keywords and generate useful visualizations using Innography PatentScout - clean premium correlated global patent data on a private, web-based platform. Included in your FoundationIP subscription
  • Schedule task reports for delivery to key stakeholders, or automate the delivery of quarterly KPI’s reports on filing activities
  • Analyze your portfolio’s footprint on a world map or leverage the new interactive pie chart – all available on the Dashboard
  • Research global patent data by keywords and generate useful visualizations using Innography PatentScout - clean premium correlated global patent data on a private, web-based platform. Included in your FoundationIP subscription

Expert Technical and Country Law Support

  • Experienced, highly-skilled IP specialists support all jurisdictions and all country law issues.  They are also experts when it comes to product functionality, user access, docketing, workflow templates, and report customizations  

  • A dedicated professional services consultant, with years of implementation experience, will guide you every step of the way. From data-field mapping to your “go live” day, our consultants will continually validate your data, ensuring its accuracy   

  • Simple, predictable monthly fees
  • Easy to use, minimal training needed, interface designed for instant usability



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Eliminating the need for expensive IT infrastructure and resources.




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