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First to File®

First to File is the only IP document management system tailored to IP documentation and correspondence. Combined with powerful workflows that can revolutionise your operations it is the perfect choice to increase efficiency and minimise paper storage.

First To File transforms the work of IP professionals by automating the storage and management of IP documents worldwide. That means access to more than just files, but also the knowledge you’ve built around them. First To File focuses on meeting the challenges of IP departments and law firms.

First To File helps you:

  • Accelerate productivity and collaboration using the workflow module on document development, by flowing cases through contributors and reviewers with actions and due dates.
  • Save storage and courier costs associated with traditional IP case documents through centralised electronic document storage that enables 24/7 access to any user, at any time
  • Consistently manage IP documents by synchronising case numbers, case data and case documents with existing IP docketing systems
  • Easily upload documents, correspondence and background information to cases from email systems, desktops, scanners and the USPTO
  • Track status of case development to ensure documents are developed to deadlines and resources are optimised

With more than 2,000 users globally, First To File saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in unproductive time, storage/courier fees and workflow inefficiencies.

Why go paperless?

  • Corporations and firms expect their partners to communicate and collaborate digitally
  • The global economy is forcing organisations to do more with less
  • Sustainability has become a corporate mandate
  • Users have become increasingly comfortable with digital documents
  • It allows you to save time, save money and improve quality of work

Deliver faster and work smarter

First To File enhances effective collaboration. As a SaaS-based technology, it enables global companies to share a single database and access documents from any location. And, with extensive user management tools, First To File extends access to external parties—whether that’s outside counsel, clients of law firms, investors or foreign agents.

  • First To File is designed to integrate with your docketing system to accurately populate case data—all docketing systems are supported
  • First To File is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office®, Lotus Notes®, Gmail® and Adobe® applications
  • First to File provides the Tri-Fold™ view making it easy to view and access information.
  • First To File maintains SSAE16 (SOC1) and ISO27000 security audit compliance ratings

Built for and by IP professionals

First To File was built by people who understand the file-heavy work of IP management. It organises IP documents, history and correspondence into central online cases, using tri-fold and bi-fold formats familiar to IP professionals. Adoption is intuitive, relieving the administrative burden almost immediately. First To File offers a host of IP-centric benefits, such as:

  • A to B project management
  • Document/portfolio management for patents, trademarks and general matters
  • Document transfer management between third-party counsels
  • Reference library and IDS management and PDF Preflight
  • USPTO Patent Application Information Retrieval

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