The strongest foundation for managing
all your IP needs today and tomorrow

We give you the strongest foundation for managing all your IP needs today and tomorrow
Easy to Implement & Configured for You

Empowering small to large law firms to gain complete control and visibility of your clients’ IP portfolio – technology for smarter IP management


Innovation for Better Decision Making

FoundationIP enables your practice to store all key IP information – and manage all related dates, communication and documents. Ideally, you’d also leverage FoundationIP as a platform to access our services including Patent Renewals, PatentScout® and a host of IP Support Services such as docketing and paralegal services, and patent search.

Understand the Value of You and Your Client’s IP and Set Your Firm Apart from Competing Firms

  • PatentScout™: Leverage access to high quality patent data through Innography’s PatentScout to ensure you understand the competitive landscape, to make filing decisions, or to ensure the quality of your data. PatentScout delivers accurate, premium correlated global patent data. This integration means you no longer have to search across multiple public PTO pages, dealing with many discrepancies and inaccurate data.
  • Understand your portfolio with FoundationIP’s powerful reporting engine. Easily categorise your IP portfolio and report on filing activity, trends, and performance.

FoundationIP brings immediate, measurable benefit to every functional role that touches IP. Benefits specific to Partners or IP attorneys are:

  • Receive comprehensive reports on filing activity and trends.
  • Utilize Innography’s Patent Scout to make better filing decisions.
  • Stay connected on the road – receive email reminders of key tasks to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Leverage country law and workflows to streamline docketing.
  • Use PTO Access to quickly docket private correspondence from the USPTO.
  • Make IDS Management a breeze with the IDS Manager and Patent Data Service.


The SaaS Solutions Advantage is the swift implementation of FoundationIP and optimal security of your IP data

  • FoundationIP can be configured and deployed quickly. No IT resources are needed from your practice staff, not even for upgrades.
  • It is scalable, powerful, but above all easy to use – empowering law firms to achieve maximum results with minimal investment. All users access FoundationIP via a web-browser.
  • Integrate with your enterprise applications with your internal applications using Web Services. Send documents to your Document Management System or send cost data in an Office Action to your billing system. Save headaches and avoid password inquiries by deploying Single-Sign On across your law firm for a seamless experience.
  • We invest for optimised performance & security.


Maximise IP Value Based on Improved Productivity and Costs Savings

  • Collaboration is at the core of productivity. FoundationIP is not just a docketing system – use it as a platform to manage communication and tasks between inventors, attorneys, docketing staff, and outside counsel leading to greater visibility, increased efficiency, and cost savings. With a powerful email messaging capability, unlimited users, and a flexible security model – evolve your IP operation from chasing responses and filing documents to being in control.
  • Save time and money with FoundationIP
    • Use PTO Access to automatically retrieve all USPTO outbound correspondence for one-click docketing in FoundationIP.
    • Leverage the FoundationIP Patent Data Service to automatically retrieve IDS publication or patent references.
    • Stop worrying about tasks and docket reports and use FoundationIP’s scheduled reports to ensure your users know what’s coming.
    • FoundationIP includes an industry leading collection of country law rules, workflows – covering more than 300 jurisdictions and all major types of IP. Dates are automatically docketed on FoundationIP matters as relevant events occur (i.e. Filing).
    • Additionally, our dedicated country law team not only ensures you have the latest laws, but as a part of the regular upgrade process your data is appropriately updated so you do not miss a beat.



Customer support is at the heart of our strategy – an on-demand SaaS application needs equally available and adaptive support. FoundationIP support specialists are experienced in IP, and are trained to be your advocates – ensuring you get the answers you need. Need customized training, data import, or integration assistance? The FoundationIP services team can quickly quote, define, and develop custom projects to meet your needs.



CPA Global’s FoundationIP is constantly evolving as an integral solution. Book your FoundationIP demonstration today.


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