Complete IP management at your fingertips

Meeting client expectations doesn’t give your firm an advantage—exceeding them does. Inprotech delivers your firm that advantage.

This cutting-edge, web-based IP management platform handles even the most sophisticated administrative workflows to give attorneys more time to focus on high-value tasks—whether that’s strengthening client relationships or growing your practice.

With Inprotech you can:

Improve efficiency and reduce costs by automating time-consuming tasks to increase  accuracy of time recording, improve billable hours and speed production of invoices

Enhance customer service through rapid case filing and rapidly creating reports in real time

Improve collaboration with a shared database, enabling complete case access from anywhere, at any time, making it easier to locate, review and share information

• Validate patent details in Innography’s private, secure, and encrypted database which is integrated with Inprotech. Make informed decisions with the help of PatentScout Semantic Search

Identify new business opportunities via client analysis, customer trends and marketing functions that support your firm’s growth

Reduce risk by dramatically cutting the need for manual data input, eliminating costly data entry errors

Sophisticated integration with the USPTO and EPO that streamlines and automates workflow.  When data is downloaded from the IP Office database, it triggers an automatic update to Inprotech events so that each case can progress seamlessly through the firm’s predefined workflow. Documents downloaded from the IP Office are automatically moved into the DMS

• Use ethical walls to prevent conflict between current and potential clients and to guard against inadvertent disclosure of information

“With CPA Global’s technology, we’re able to get statistics on the type of clients that we have, the industry they’re in and what business we get from them. Using Inprotech to get this level of analysis is a vital element of our business development activities.”

– Cathy Broder-Raymond, Intellectual Property Manager, Gowlings

Make practice perfect

Inprotech is both modular and highly configurable. It can be used as a completely integrated solution or as a standalone IP management system. Core functions include:

• Case and name management

• Workflow automation

• Records management

• E-filing

• Electronic data exchange

• Document and form generation

• File tracking

• Word processing integration

• Foreign language support

• Central database

Additional modules can be added to extend functionality. They include:

Client Access

Provide tailored views for users and let clients securely access their portfolio of cases, run reports and interact with case managers.

Time and Billing

Capture hours and costs with timesheets and manage billing with individually tailored invoices and various time, revenue and WIP analyses.

Financial Management

Record cash receipts, purchases and payments; manage outstanding debt; streamline reporting and record keeping with Inprotech or integrate with existing third-party financial systems.


Review reciprocity and statistics, coordinate marketing campaigns, generate leads, send email invitations, record incoming and outgoing communications for direct marketing activities.

Use Inprotech as your primary business portal by combining desired business modules and integrating Inprotech with virtually any internal or external system.  Then experience the benefit of greater efficiency and know that data shared between systems is secure and reliable.

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